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This takes place in Thunderbolts#159 giant sized issue 10 pgs.

Crossbones, Mountain Man Mario, and three black men escape from prison together, during Juggernaults assault on the prison in Fear Itself. We get to see how the oddest groups can come together and help each other survive, written by Frank Tierri.

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I wonder what kind of pie his Grandma makes.

Mind rape?

Jul. 24th, 2009 11:31 am
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While they didn't create the term, TV Tropes defines "Mind Rape" as when "a character is attacked by a villain in the most painful non-physical way possible. Their mind and soul are assaulted with painful, horrifying visions and memories, and broken until they're powerless and numb, but not dead, although afterwards they may wish they were. Nothing sexual occurs, but everything else is there to resemble a rape - violation, helplessness, and the poisoning of what could otherwise be a source of joy."

However I've seen a lot of people throw the term around whenever a character gets their mind read without their permission, as if it's just as bad (or almost as bad) as the act of sexual assault itself.

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In the Great Exodus from Livejournal to our current homeland, many a precious memory was lost; among them, the entirety of the "The Death of Captain America" mega-arc.  Since that was probably the most widely-publicized comics storyline of the decade, not to mention one of the best, I decided to get around to reposting the thing for posterity.

Material taken from Captain America v.5 #22-25.


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