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The origins of this posting came about when I saw this image on e-bay

I thought that this was a lovely sketch-card of Aurora and Northstar by an artist named Sara Richard.

and wanted to see more of her work...

When I saw THESE images I knew I had a new artist to keep an eye on )

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That's Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger, which ended this week.

Snappily written by Nick Spencer and evocatively drawn by Emma Rios, its three issues go like Black Panther's one does in the Queen's greater scheme: perpendicular.

There's of course a point of intersection in #1 (remember Cloak as Wayfarer Guide in ASM 667?), but from there Cloak and Dagger's story goes its own way, parallel and tangent to the horrors of Spider-Island.

It ends independent of Spider-Island's conclusion, unlike its fellow tie-ins. To read it from Steve Wacker's words, that's because this's an opportune "new beginning" for Dagger and Cloak. There's no plans yet to go ahead with more, but if you'd like 'em to, well..

I'd love to, myself, for the art and the colors and the writing. Spencer brought to this the same deft combination of existing canon and his own ideas his licensed work seems to always have, and Rios, well.. either you know, or you'll see.

Combined, they not only depict the titular heroes well, but Chinatown gang boss and Spidey foe Mister Negative too. )
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So, last time I was here I posted some pages from the 2000 series Marvel Knights, a fun little exercise into street level team-building, featuring Daredevil assembling a team to take down the Punisher and for about fifteen issues, taking on various threats of a superpowered kind. The team was originally just Daredevil, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Dagger (from Cloak and Dagger), but the group got an expansion in issue #5 with the inclusion of Moon Knight. The latter thought the team needed some organising (y'know, some actual being a team) and in issue #11, he brought in Luke Cage for some reinforcements.

This is a response to starwolf oakley's recent post, featuring Cage's interaction with DD in the pages of Bendis' Daredevil.

Scans not mine. Written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Ed Barreto. 7/22.


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