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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #40: Tony Bedard
Writers for #39: Sean McKeever
Writers for #38: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Artists for #40: Keith Giffen and Manuel Garcia
Artist for #39: Jim Calafiore
Artist for #38: Jesus Saiz
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Time for the monthly check in with Countdown to Final Crisis. The party never ends.

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Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Marc Campos
Colorist: Guy Major

I've been posting nothing but good to eh comics recently with the exception of Intersect... let's change that! Here's the very first issue of Chuck Austen's Action Comics run! :D

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In the 1980s and 90s, the Superman comics were undergoing something of a refit, with creators such as John Byrne (who has become contraversial since for different reasons) being one of the architects of the post-Crisis Superman side of things.

Part of that change came in the form of this baffling two part story, where DC in their wisdom thought that it would be a good idea to have Superman and Big Barda getting mindcontrolled into taking part in porn films as part of an exiled New God's scheme to finance his future invasion of Apokolips.

I'm 100% serious.

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Seeing as the nu52 version of these events has just been posted, I felt it would be relevant to show how they originally transpired to clarify some details concerning them. No new content after this line!


This story was advertised as the origin of Orion and Mr. Miracle. What they don't tell you is that it's essentially Highfather's origin too, from when he was known as "Izaya the Inheritor" (what does he inherit? That's a plot point.)

About 8.5 pages out of 26.

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Geoff Johns: Much like Wonder Woman, who I've had an epiphany about over the last year or so, the same thing happened with the New Gods when I went back and reread all these New Gods comics, and Mister Miracle comics -- I knew I wanted to bring the New Gods into this, with Darkseid and Grail and Anti-Monitor, but when I was reading them all, I said, "Which one is going to be a thorn in Darkseid's side the most?" Originally I thought it was Orion. But actually, it's not Orion -- it's Scott. The reason it's Scott is because if you look at what Darkseid wants, he wants his will imposed over everything. If there's one thing that keeps slipping through his fingers -- one soul, one person that keeps escaping his grasp -- he's going to notice that, and it's going to ultimately become an annoyance to him. And if that one thing starts to affect other things, it's going to be a problem. So if Scott is someone who embodies free will -- he's all about escape, that's his whole thing. He is the ultimate protagonist against the antagonist of Darkseid. "Oh, it's not Orion at all, it's Mister Miracle -- let me get more into Mister Miracle." As I got more into that character, I fell in love with that character.

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