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Past posts here: #1-3, 4-6, and 7-8

Now on to the issue where Demona kinda becomes the leader of a Chinese cult.

See, Elisa knows I'm not joking.
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A friend of mine posted this on ToonZone, and with his permission, I'm reposting it here.


Who knew every one's favourite genocidal gargoyle babe had her very own twitter account? Apparently Demona has been taking time out of her busy schedule of plotting humanity's downfall to pester BOOM Studios, resulting in this very intriguing exchange...

Demona_Gargoyle: The "Make a REAL Gargoyles Movie, Disney!" Facebook group has over 1,000 members now. Good. I shall triumph! Do you hear me, @boomstudios?!

boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle OH!!! We HEAR you!!!

Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I only pester you because I know a comic book about us would be in good hands with you.

boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle hrmmm...THAT sounds like an idea!

Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I just hope you ask that delightful human, Weisman, to write it. He is the only human I tolerate.

Coincidence or conspiracy?


The only thing I can say is this. If Boom Studios treats "Gargoyles" as well as they are treating "Darkwing Duck" then they're the perfect home for it. It would actually come out ON TIME, most likely as a monthly, and the art would be good and consistent. I'll always be grateful to SLG for giving us the previous comic series, but Boom would be a much better home for "Gargoyles."

Also, in my experience, most companies don't tease like that unless something is in the works. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes peeled.

And, for legality:

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