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Yes, all those words in the title belong there as they are placed. The 2006 mini of the good doctor's gave him a delightful host of aides. An apprentice mage, his tech-savvy goddaughter, and...


Three pages below the cut )

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I don't have any specific information on these... other than the fact that I pulled them out of the two ancient Imageshack accounts I had for the first two years of me hanging around Scans Daily. So they're just random images, no context. Hope you don't mind. ;p

Butts galore, mostly for the female lovers out there. )
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Leonard Sampson has become the new Victor Creed. Well, in terms of look and design. CosmicBookNews has the wordless preview of #18. Things don't looks so good for the good Dr.

If Hulks bleed green or yellow, then what's all the red... Ohhh. )
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To hell with this "Leonard's not here" evil alter-ego bullshit for War of the Hulks. This right here... THIS is my Doc Samson. (Well, this and his own mini, which I'll dig up later.)

Oh trust me. It's ALL gamma-enhanced. )


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