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Here's another one of my favorite New Bloods. I can't say his look was all too appealing to me but his powers were a lot of fun and much like with Myriad I'm a fan of giving villains other heroes to fight. Eclipso for example has always just had himself (Bruce Gordon his host) or Spectre as a main villain for the most part barring stories like the current JLA arc where he fights everyone in the DCU for some reason.

Plus it was fun seeing some the New Bloods team up this issue.

16 pages from a 48 page story (it's a shame this one was shorter than the others)

Without further ado, meet Linus Powell! )

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So, yeah, I love the OPM bewareofgeek chose for Traci 13, but I have another idea for her. Two and a third pages from Blue Beetle 16.
They're facing the wrath of God. Literally. )
Excellent issue if you haven't read it BTW. All it needs is moar Brenda to be darn near perfect.
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so i was checking the tags for Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes and apparently the issue where we find his "DARKEST FANTASIES of ULTIMATE POWER" hasn't been posted yet, which is a crying shame.

it's a one-shot issue, and i'm posting just the last couple of pages, but you won't be spoiled for anything massive for the series.


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