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Electro has a rather odd supervillain origin story: electrical engineer is working on power lines, gets struck by lightning, gains electricity powers, decides to become a super-villain. Basically, he could throw lighting bolts but fought one of the few characters fast enough to dodge them.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 #423 )
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After the 'Ultimate Venom' posts I did last month or so, I figured I'd do a series of posts on the Kingpin from Ultimate Spider-Man. IMO, the Kingpin is one of Bendis's best characters both in and outside of Ultimate. Bendis had a background writing noir/crime comics prior to coming to Marvel, so its not surprising that the first major villain in the series after the Goblin would be Wilson Fisk.

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There's a complicated time-travel framing event of this multi-timeframe issues, which has Iron Lad meeting the adult versions of the Young Avengers (Tom Shepherd is Quicksilver, Ted Altman is Captian Marvel, Elijah is Captain America and so on) in the future, and him telling them a story of the very first few days of the Young Avengers to remind them who they were...

Oh and Alan Davis art beneath (Do you NEED more motivation? Shame on you) )
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For [personal profile] kingrockwell, who reminded me that all of our SMLMJ posts went poof with SD 1.0. :(

So here are some early scans from the series, back when it was just "Spider-Man Crushes on Mary Jane" ;)

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