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CAPTAIN AMERICA #183 took place while Steve Rogers was the Nomad. (He was depressed that Number One of the Secret Empire turned out to be Richard Nix -uh, I mean a high-ranking White House official.)

My WORD that is an unusual last panel on that page.

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The relationship of Spider-man and Daredevil has just undergone a character changing moment (The Death of Jean DeWolff). It was immediately followed by a character defining arc for Daredevil (Born Again). Before, he was the older brother, the one who knew better. He started his career out of vengeance, but continues it for love. He was the preachy one who thought heroes ought to be serious. He believed in JUSTICE--and he knew that sometimes you had to take the long view and make the hard choices to get it.

Now, "crazy" has been added to Daredevil's character attributes. Along with a deeper connection to religion and a specific territory that he considered his. With the highwater mark for the title being essentially "Daredevil's crappy life", Matt Murdock's life would get bad enough that occasionally even Spider-man was impressed at it's depths.

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Part 2
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Four scans from The Marvels Project #7 and Captain America #602, the two Ed Brubaker comics out this week.

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char: captain america/steve rogers, char: captain america/bucky barnes, char: captain america/william burnside, char: falcon/sam wilson, char: human torch/jim hammond, char: toro/thomas raymond, creator: ed brubaker, creator: steve epting, creator: luke ross, title: captain america, publisher: marvel comics
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...and with all the "I'm an Avenger" ads around,let's hear from Cap himself what it means to be an Avenger.


Char: Falcon/Sam Wilson,Char:Captian America/Steve Rogers,Char:Ms.Marvel/Carol Danvers,Group: The Avengers,title: The Avengers,creator: George Perez,Creator: David Michelinie,Publisher: Marvel comics

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my first post since scans_daily v1! i've actually had this sitting around for awhile. but i needed an invite before i could post it, and my invite just came in!

i'm a big fan of the new x-force and i'm particularly fond of agent morales. only recently did i find out that morales wasn't created for x-force but previously appeared in 10 issues of captain america & the falcon.

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suggested tags:
char: captain america/steve rogers
char: falcon/sam wilson
char: nick fury
char: redwing
creator: christopher priest/james owsley
publisher: marvel comics
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Greetings True Believers! I want to present some of my favorite pages from the Captain America graphic novel, Red, White & Blue. I really like this book. The contributions from various writers and artists really capture Steve. I hope you enjoy and be forewarned, there is a lot of woobie ahead.

Bonus Cap-Points if you know where this preview image is from! ;)

Suggested Tags: char: captain america/steve rogers, char: falcon/sam wilson, char: captain america/bucky barnes, group: avengers, title: captain america, publisher: marvel comics, theme: woobie, creator: bruce timm, creator: darko macan, creator: mark waid, creator: mike huddleston, creator: bill sienkiewicz, creator: brian david-marshall, creator: igor kordey, creator: evan dorkin, creator: kevin maguire

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Four scans apiece from Mighty Avengers #33 and Captain America #602.



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char: captain america/bucky barnes, char: falcon/sam wilson, char: hercules/marvel, char: stature/cassie lang, char: vision/jonas, char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: absorbing man/crusher creel, char: moonstone/ms. marvel/karla sofen, creator: ed brubaker, creator: luke ross, creator: dan slott, creator: khoi pham, title: mighty avengers, title: captain america, publisher: marvel comics

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Since the theme today seems to be Wilson Fisk in the shower, I thought I would post a page from CIVIL WAR: WAR CRIMES. The issue was a one-shot to fill time while waiting for Mark Millar and Steve McNiven to finish the final two issues.

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