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NS: Flash and Cyborg Costumes for Justice League (2017)

We finally get a full look at how Barry Allen and Vic Stone will look for 2017's Justice League! Check it:

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JLA 80 PAGE GIANT: For Sale: The Justice League?

The 1998 JLA 80 PAGE GIANT had a story about the "Silver Age" Justice League getting offered ONE BILLION DOLLARS! Three pages of a 9 page story after the cut.
EDIT: First page removed.
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Justice League #41

Geoff Johns: "A lot of the elements and a lot of the character and a lot of the revelations and mythologies point back to Diana. And this is a journey for Diana and almost a reaffirmation of what Wonder Woman is, and what she represents. So it's going to explore all of that, and then on the story side, it's going to reveal a lot of secrets about the DC universe and our characters that we don't know. Jay [Jason Fabok] and I are really trying to make this an epic event book in the monthly book, but there's also a level of mystery to it."
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Batman at the Disco

We all know that Batman hates rock & roll, but what music does he like? Apparently, disco.

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Seasons greetings to all from Icon_UK

Now scans_daily welcomes those of all religious persuasions, or no religious persuasion at all, and long may it continue to do so.

And whilst appreciating that there are those for whom this day is not particularly special, or whose religious celebrations occur at other times of the year, I hope no one will be offended if I post a couple of Christmas themed special pieces.

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The Flash - Future's End

In five (likely non-canon) years, Wally West gets super-speed. Here's how:Read more... )
This reminds me, what if Wally's origin turned out to be exactly the same as Barry's? Would a plot point like that still be plausible in today's analytic comic-reading society?