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"Almost every Green Lantern is going to be gone from the DC Universe. And In order to tell a good story I need to focus on a core group, otherwise, y’know, I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of characters. So, I am telling the story from the point of view of a smaller group of characters, but, yeah, every Green Lantern is gone and is lost, so to speak, and could potentially show up in the series." - Cullen Bunn

There's certainly a lot to be said about that Aquaman preview, but let's take a look at a sneak peek for Bunn's other new title he'll be working on: Green Lantern: Lost Army

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Every interest, every hobby, every fetish has to start somewhere. And it was such a quiet, innocent day in a bookstore when I came across a comic that I would only later identify as Justice League Adventures #17.

Now, back then, superhero comics were pretty much the last thing on my mind. I recognized most of the really iconic heroes - mostly in their Timmverse incarnations - but I was primarily invested in Tintin comics, along with a stipend of Chinese-translated Disney comics that my grandparents would mail over from The People's Republic every few months. There was something about this one though, that just made me want to pick it up.

Fast-forward ten years, and I'm now neck-deep in a den of debauchery involving (amongst other things) homicidal clowns, mute ninja Batgirls, and X-rated fanfiction about people who insist on putting their underwear outside of their pants. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

In retrospect, this particular comic isn't really much of a keeper - the story's kinda goofy and shallow, especially in comparison with the kind of tie-in comics that previous DCAU properties, like Batman: The Animated Series, got. General consensus around the 'net also seems to be that the quality of the DCAU tie-in comics slowly went down the toilet as time went on, with the ones for Justice League Unlimited truly hitting the bottom of the barrel. Anyone who cares to comment on this part, please do!

But enough about that. On with this tribute the the one that started it all.

(Note: 7 pages from a 22-page story.)

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So, in the Beyond Comics, Warhawk's origins are explained. We already got the Death of DCUA Vixen, well the down notes continue to play.
Not NSFW per se, but avoid if squemish or a Hawkman fan.

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Time for a post showing an earth green lantern at their worst, and today we get to my favorite John Stewart. This is an amazing story from DCs 80s retroactive and so it takes place pre marine retcon of john stewart. Now he is just a rebellious kind hearted and passionate architect...who fights crime. Over the course of this story he finds love, fights a talking shark, saves the world from nuclear disaster, shows another villian why crime is stupid, and Screws up big time. This by far has to be the best john stewart centric story and(its giant sized) I have read in a long time.

It will hurt to tear John down a bit in this story, but meh all green lanterns deserve it now and again.

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I loved the DC retoactives for giving us the awesome giant sized issues, and me this amazing story one of my favorie DC heroes. Although he screwed up a lot he was still the freaking man, and this is by far one of the funniest mainstream books I have read.

On the Lantern screwup scale I rate it a 6.5/10
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It's time for yet another installment of Heroes! on Scans-daily!
(you guys tell me if you get enough of these and want me to stop~)

This time I'd like to take this occasion to introduce to you guys yet another Heroes! sub-series,called Lanterns!
Which is exactly what you might think, a Green Lantern centric series.
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This is 4 pages from the new GL corps. I am really glad that Guy and John stewart(my favorite lantern) got there own book. This is written by Peter J Tomasi, and he does a good job of balancing the honest architect, honorable marine, and rebellious hero sides of Lantern John Stewart.

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Posted partially on my last Cringeworthy Comics Moments post, here it is again but with an additional page that explains the Peacemaker's response.

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It is july 27 here and that means GL corps#61 is no longer recent, I wanted to post this for awhile. This is a good one showing John Stewart dealing with the fallout of the "War of the green lanterns". With his reputation with the other GLs in tatters over being forced to kill Mogo,he still shows why he is one of the best green lanterns. Get ready for some inspirational character moments from my favorite GL.

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Hal was not the only Earth GL who got shafted during War of the GLs.
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The price the Green Latnern Corps are paying is high for Krona's attempt to usurp and control the Corp from within.

Mega-SPOILERS for the last three pages.

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