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So, how sympathetic should Thaal Sinestro be? Did he do all he could to protect his world and then got screwed over for it? Why did he take over Korugar in the first place?

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"Almost every Green Lantern is going to be gone from the DC Universe. And In order to tell a good story I need to focus on a core group, otherwise, y’know, I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of characters. So, I am telling the story from the point of view of a smaller group of characters, but, yeah, every Green Lantern is gone and is lost, so to speak, and could potentially show up in the series." - Cullen Bunn

There's certainly a lot to be said about that Aquaman preview, but let's take a look at a sneak peek for Bunn's other new title he'll be working on: Green Lantern: Lost Army

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Hi folks!

Back in 1988, DC Comics ran a crossover event titled "Millenium." The last remaining Guardian of the Universe and his Zamaron opposite number came to Earth to jumpstart the next step in human evolution through a group called "the Chosen." The Chosen, after some losses, became a group known as the New Guardians, who got their own comic book.

The New Guardians were a valiant attempt to increase diversity in DC's superhero population, including their first heavily implied to be gay superhero, Extrano. Unfortunately, the execution was heavy-handed. and Joe Staton's art was not at its best, so it's mostly remembered today for the gloriously over the top villain Snowflame in the second issue.

Today, we'll look at issue #4, eight pages of twenty-four.

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In other news, my diploma from Rasmussen finally arrived.

Your thoughts and comments?
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It's time for yet another installment of Heroes! on Scans-daily!
(you guys tell me if you get enough of these and want me to stop~)

This time I'd like to take this occasion to introduce to you guys yet another Heroes! sub-series,called Lanterns!
Which is exactly what you might think, a Green Lantern centric series.
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From EMERALD DAWN II: 90 Days. Some of the details of how Sinestro got kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps. I don't know to what degree Geoff Johns' "Secret Origin" changed it, although I know Hal Jordan didn't serve 90 Days for drunk driving anymore.

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... if aliens 'lit up' and relaxed a bit more. Can you imagine the Guardians just looking up into the stars after toking up?

Previews *and some mild spoilers* for Green Lantern Corps #35. (From Newsarama)
And thank goodness they don't, or we would not get action like this.

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While the backup copy was good(though big, of course) I'm thankful that my packrat habits branch out to my computer enough that I have not only all the scans I ever scanned for use on s_d saved but also any scan I ever thought was interesting so today I give you...
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