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It's time for yet another installment of Heroes! on Scans-daily!
(you guys tell me if you get enough of these and want me to stop~)

This time I'd like to take this occasion to introduce to you guys yet another Heroes! sub-series,called Lanterns!
Which is exactly what you might think, a Green Lantern centric series.
turn around the corner for Kyle, Guy, Hal and John IN SPAAAACE! )
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... if aliens 'lit up' and relaxed a bit more. Can you imagine the Guardians just looking up into the stars after toking up?

Previews *and some mild spoilers* for Green Lantern Corps #35. (From Newsarama)
And thank goodness they don't, or we would not get action like this.

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While the backup copy was good(though big, of course) I'm thankful that my packrat habits branch out to my computer enough that I have not only all the scans I ever scanned for use on s_d saved but also any scan I ever thought was interesting so today I give you...
What happens when the creator of Gargoyles writes JLI? )


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