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The letterer for Groo, the illustrator for 47 Ronin, the creator/writer/illustrator/letterer/inker/authority supreme for Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai has found the time to do some one-offs too. According to the man himself, he worked on a short Hulk story called "Oni", a "Peanuts" strip, an interlude in "Queen and Country". I also found a Star Wars story, and somebody in a forum mentioned a Rocketeer and a Grendel story.

I was unable to find the "Queen and Country", "Peanuts", "Grendel" and "Rocketeer" excerpts, but I do have the Hulk and the Star Wars stories to share below.

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A new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer, showing off the villain: Ultron Sigma, the fusion of Marvel's Ultron and Mega Man X's Sigma. He has a lightsabre.

Also a bunch of returning characters, including Strider Hiryu, Thor, Hawkeye and Chris Redfield.

Here's hoping for some X-Men characters.
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"You know, I’ve always loved the Old Man Logan story. That’s a beauty. Maybe in 20 years time I’ll just pop up and do that one." - Hugh Jackman, 2014

As you may or may not have heard, the upcoming 'Logan' film is loosely inspired by the storyline 'Old Man Logan', a comic that Hugh Jackman had been hoping to adapt for years. Everything indicates that the similarities will likely be thematic for obvious reasons (99% of the major characters couldn't appear in a Fox film) but if you wanted to see the launching pad for the film here it is.

Warning: This is pretty gory.

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