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I, Vampire 12 - in which Stormwatch is better written than in Stormwatch

If you're like me, and have spent the last year hoping to see at least a GLIMPSE of the old Authority in the new Stromwatch (that I'm not dropping only because I, for once in my life, want to be there when a couple I've always been rooting for gets together), I have great news for you! The new I, Vampire delivers Stormwatch team I WANT to read - snarky, violent and having fun. I hope the artistic team behind this book, author and artist, get to do Stormwatch one day.

Several random panels of Midnighter, Apollo and Jack kicking ass, taking names, then kicking more ass while taking names )

Jenny Sparks: If Reagan is president...

Jenny Sparks was the "Spirit of the 20th Century," had electricity-based superpowers, and lived quite an exciting life in the Wildstorm Universe.

Some time ago, I commented that Jenny Sparks once considered letting the world end if Ronald Reagan got the Republican nomination for president. And here's that moment from JENNY SPARKS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AUTHORITY. It's written by Mark Millar in 2000.

Context and city-battlesuits after the cut. )

Midnighter, friend to small children and animals

In my final post from Midnighter's solo series, here's Midnighter rescuing kitties.

Also, puppies. )

That was Issue 8 and four years ago and Christos Gage still remains to me as "the writer who had Mindy rescue a kitteh".

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