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"Honestly, I think the set-up is so simple, but the character runs so deep and strange, that I just hope other people are as fascinated by the weird little bastard as I am. He does incredibly altruistic things for really kind of screwed-up deeply personal reasons, and does them in such a violent and misanthropic way that he might actually be the villain of the piece." -- Warren Ellis

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"Doom, Thor, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Ka-Zar, Namor...There are many monarchs in the Marvel Universe, but only one so powerful and so reviled that he had to be written out of history. He is THE UNSPOKEN."

Who ruled the Inhumans before Black Bolt? And what happened to him?

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'I'd like readers to come away saying, “wow, that was astonishingly bleak, and he worked really hard to get those three bad jokes in there, and why can’t I stop crying and do I have enough cash left to buy a bottle of bleach to drink.”' -- Warren Ellis

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"I’m an idiot for deciding that writing a book about a guy who can karate-chop stuff to death required me to read several volumes of mind-crushing nihilistic philosophy. Karnak is completely mad, and espouses the most depressing ideas imaginable..." -- Warren Ellis

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"He’s not an Inhuman. So, what happens is that every year or two Marvel pulls out one from the vaults and tells me I can take it to the lab and, you know, shoot lightning into it and stitch bits of hobo to it and whatever. It’s basically all they keep me around for. They showed me Karnak, and I did some reading, because, seriously, short guy in a weird helmet who can karate-chop anything to death, why the hell not. And he’s not an Inhuman." -- Warren Ellis

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"Honestly, all I really did with Moon Knight was boil the character back down to all the elements and traits that mattered. Karnak was even simpler." -- Warren Ellis

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Awww heck with it!

It's Party Time across the cosmos as the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught smack dab between the Imperial Guard and the Inhumans. The Guardians are throwing a rave and everyone wants to "dance".

Awesome oozes right out the screen like liquid fire plasma, goes into your eyeballs and melts your brain, leaving only Awesome in the form of a glowing sea corral in the shape of your brain behind!

Set phasers on full, arm photon torpedoes, raise shields and trip the light fantastic. Bring the noise!!!


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