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So as you know, Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive's ending in February.

The current Kingpin vs. T'Challa arc wasn't intended to wrap it up- there's an interview from this year's San Diego Comic-Con where writer David Liss briefly discusses another one to consequentially follow- but the book's sales've been decreasing since its inception post-Shadowland (there was a Fear Itself bump, but only for the issue introducing the somewhat controversial American Panther), clocking in below 20,000 copies moved for the last few months.

I can understand why readers didn't buy into the Panther, especially post-Doomwar (and, of course, post-Hudlin), and I know there're titles more readily captivating. It's just that his book's getting cancelled, just as it was beginning to hit its stride, is quite an unfortunate bit of timing (but understandable; at least Fisk and T'Challa's battle is getting to conclude as intended).

Especially since its protagonist had also done so, by throwing off some of the more awkward elements of his post-Shadowland status quo. )
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Four scans from Daredevil #504.

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char: daredevil/matt murdock, char: black tarantula/carlos lamuerta, char: white tiger/angela del toro, char: lady bullseye/maki matsumoto, title: daredevil, creator: andy diggle, creator: roberto de la torre
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So back in 2006 I heard that Tamora Pierce (most famous for the Tortall series beginning with Alanna: the First Adventure) was collaborating with her husband, Tim Liebe, on a limited series run for Marvel that would detail the origins of a new White Tiger in the Daredevil cosmos.

Cool, I said, because even with her faults (this poster likes to pretend the Immortals quartet did not happen) Pierce writes some pretty genuinely kick-ass heroines.

Excited to see what she would do with the super-heroine trope, I picked up the whole run of White Tiger.

three pages from White Tiger #5, plus one from Daredevil #113 )


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