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"In this series, nothing is what it seems. We keep saying this and we’re going to keep saying it: our goal is 100% to surprise you. We never want you to be relaxed and to be like, okay I know where this is going, I’m going to sit down and read another villain of the month–I don’t like those kinds of comics. I want the stakes to be high, I want you to be blown away by what you’re reading. So I can’t spoil what’s going to happen, but it’s not what you think is going to happen." - Tom King

Writers: Tim Seeley & Tom King
Artist: Mike Janin
Colorist: Jeremy Cox

As long as I'm catching you up on a few books, let's catch you up on Grayson as well.

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there's really only one way to go.

Now there's been some discussion online about the extent to which Grayson is objectifying the former Boy Wonder, but what I do like about the series is that despite being pretty, he's showing a lot more of the tactical side of things which his old Nightwing series sometimes lacked.

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In the requests thread, [personal profile] thatnickguy asked about this oddball cover:

I thought I'd go ahead and post a few pages from the story, since (for once) things happen pretty much exactly the way they're shown on the cover. And Elliot S! Maggin's Luthor is always worth posting.

Superman #286, 1975
"The Parasite's Power Play!"
Written by Elliot S! Maggin
Art by Curt Swan & Bob Oksner
(4 2/3 pages out of 14)

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Anyone read Convergence Supergirl Matrix? Those of us here who read Matrix's adventures back in the early 90s and the transition into PAD's title/merging with Linda Danvers know that she was the first Supergirl to appear on New Earth after the Crisis reboot and was NEVER named Kara. The whole story kind of seemed like a shit show, from Lex verbally abusing Mae, to the assumption that Mae knew about him being the first Lex Luthor and wanting to kill Superman to of course the name mistake of him calling her Kara.

the first comic gives the feel of "I don't give a shit and never bothered to read anything on Matrix". I really hope when DC puts all the Convergence issues into one volume, some of this is fixed, ESP the name mistake tho at this point I don't even know if anyone has noticed it at DC. I'm hoping the second issue has no name mistakes.

I'm almost tempted to make all the bubbles blank in the issue and re-write it. BTW there should be a "char: supergirl/matrix" tag for this forum as she technically is a different character before becoming Linda in the PAD series.


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