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Anyone read Convergence Supergirl Matrix? Those of us here who read Matrix's adventures back in the early 90s and the transition into PAD's title/merging with Linda Danvers know that she was the first Supergirl to appear on New Earth after the Crisis reboot and was NEVER named Kara. The whole story kind of seemed like a shit show, from Lex verbally abusing Mae, to the assumption that Mae knew about him being the first Lex Luthor and wanting to kill Superman to of course the name mistake of him calling her Kara.

the first comic gives the feel of "I don't give a shit and never bothered to read anything on Matrix". I really hope when DC puts all the Convergence issues into one volume, some of this is fixed, ESP the name mistake tho at this point I don't even know if anyone has noticed it at DC. I'm hoping the second issue has no name mistakes.

I'm almost tempted to make all the bubbles blank in the issue and re-write it. BTW there should be a "char: supergirl/matrix" tag for this forum as she technically is a different character before becoming Linda in the PAD series.
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Okay, I was going through my pile of Convergence tie-ins (I picked up ALL of them)...

And I started to notice something that bothered the heck out of me...

I think I'm within page limits on this, based on previous posts... Some of these issues have been posted before, but unless I missed something, not the full four pages, or this repeats the content.

No more than one full page of the Convergence tie ins for: Superboy, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Green Lantern/Parallax, or Matrix Supergirl.

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In one of the leaked set photos for Batman vs Superman, the production crew appear to have renamed a cafe, changing it from the "Hygrade (sic) Deli" to "Ralli's Diner". This seems like a minor change but it actually is a reference to one of the earlier "Lex is a billionaire" stories...

Two pages from a six page story )
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There's this thing over in TV Tropes called "Reed Richards is useless", the idea being that despite all the overblown superscience avaliable in superhero comics, none of the spectacular advances made will ever impact regular folk due to the restraints of keeping the setting as close to reality as possible. This isn't the case in every series (the DCAU did a good job in keeping ideas around once they were invented, the process that created Mr Freeze being replicable, for example), but Marvel, with their long time ethic of being more "real" than DC's output it's particularly noticable.

One way that this presents itself is in that most stock of end goals for science: the Cure for Cancer! Thing is, there are numerous actual cures for the condition knocking about in the Marvel Universe, but unlike the Reed Richards is Useless trope, the reason why they're not available isn't because they're too impractical or expensive for the public market, it's... well, the people who discovered it are kind of tools.

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We're at the halfway mark, so it's about time things moved along (Though villians month seems so long ago now, and most of the other titles have moved on, so how this all ties together I have no idea)

By this point I have to assume Selina is being sarcastic )

Then we have;

Lex Luthor's self assessment )

Later on, Bizzaro appears to be afraid of the dark

And Lex has a woobie moment )

And finally, a spoiler for the last page...

Power Ring vs... )
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but trust Lex Luthor to take it a little more literally than most

Back in 1972, Lex is in the middle of one of his daily rants about how much he hates Superman, when he's excited to hear a knock at the door.

Candygram for Mr Luthor! )


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