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Fanart Thursday - On a Monday... because that's just the way I roll

I realise it's been a little while since I did a Fanart post, so let's address that, shall we?

And I'm devoting it to a single artist and a single project...

Brittney Williams - The Daily Planet Files )
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Jimmy Olsen - during, and post Forever Evil

In the course of Forever Evil, the event that based on how long the ruddy thing has been going on for, certainly lives up to its name, we saw Ultraman invade the offices of the Daily Planet, where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are about the only people left.
Justice League 24 )

Preview art for Superman #32 )
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Promo image released for DC's next event "Future's End"

Since Forever Evil seems determined to live up to it's name by never actually coming to an end, it's hardly a surprise that the next event is already being marketed before the present one is finished.

And if 'Forever Evil' went on forever, how can 'Future's End' end? )

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Lois Lane preview

From the IGN preview of the Lois Lane one shot, out this week, written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Emanuela Lupacchino.

Three pages under the cut )

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Dick Gives up the pixie boots V 2.0 (and 2. -1 sort of)

In the past, I've posted from the original ending of Dick Grayson's Robin career, a long organic process of growth, told across both Batman titles, and primarily in the Teen Titans (Where Dick was a much more prominent character than in the Batverse at the time).

I've detailed telling the Titans, telling Bruce and Jason and putting on his Nightwing costume for the first time

And it struck me (and also following a post by [personal profile] lego_joker that uses one of the panels herein) that in the interests of fairness and comparison, I should post from a couple of other iterations of the story. Starting with the first revamp... such as it was.

From Batman #408 )

World's Finest #6 )