REPOST: ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #644 Sacrifice epilogue

Repost time! ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #644 is an epilogue to SACRIFICE, where Clark talks to Lois about Diana killing Maxwell Lord. Batman is in a flashback.

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A look back at Silver Age Metallo

With the recent debut of a new Metallo over in Supergirl's show, I thought that the time had come to have a look at one of Superman's longer running... B-list (I guess?) bad guys. Strictly speaking, the original Metallo was a couple of dudes in power-armour, but I'm focusing on the Silver Age version here.

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Superman & Bugs Bunny #1

*DC's Rebirth JLA/Watchmen event, #6 of 7, last pages:

Doctor Manhattan disintegrates a downed Superman...but nothing happens. When the blue light clears, someone stands between them, chowing a carrot.

And then Batman's secret-weapon, final-plan savior turns out to be Bugs Bunny. Cliffhanger.

Also, in another separate idea that also reads like fever dream babbling, this fun little mini. Check it!

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Superman #5-7


Writers: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Doug Mahnke, Patrick Gleason, and Jorge Jimenez

And now, a highlight of the past three Superman comics!

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