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Greetings True Believers!

I'm fulfilling a request from Badficwriter and others to see the outcome of Professor Xavier attempting to redeem Sabretooth.

Starwolf_oakley did a post about Professor Xavier taking Sabretooth in.

It brings up issues of "should heroes kill?" and "Crazy or evil?" and "did his powers make him this way or just make him worse?"

Anyway, enjoy!

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I'm fulfilling a request made by [personal profile] auggie18 who asked for the following:

'There's this scene where the X-men are all having dinner in some tropical location and someone remarks upon Storm's tendency to attract villains. Some of the X-men begin imitating villains and professing their love for Storm, cumulating with Jean saying something along the lines of "I, Phoenix, claim this woman as my bride!"'

The scene is roughly 5 1/2 pages out of 23. I apologize if the scans are a bit crooked or slightly blurred on the edges at times. I have the TPB, so I couldn't get the pages as flat as I wanted to. My main priority was just making sure everyone could see the majority of the details and dialogue. Now, as far as attracting villains go, I really do have to agree with Wolverine here:

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EDIT: I've had to delete the 2nd issue due to the Whole PAD fiasco. :(


This is my first posting on the new scans daily (yey!) I've decided to share scans of Marvel's 1990's cross over X-Cutioner's Song. This was a 12 part series so I'll be posting scans from two issues in each post. This is the first part.

Be prepared for 90's murder, attemped murder kidnapping and torture...


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