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Greetings to one and all,

 First, I feel the need to apologize for the time since my last post, as the pause became somewhat longer than intended. Yet, now as I sit back watching Canada stumble against Chine, I felt what better time to return to the greatness that was Lucifer. As always, for the story before just check the tag for Lucifer.

 Following are scans from two 22 page issues, seven scans per issue. These one's were a little bit more difficult to focus on as unlike in prevous issues, these follow a single story very intently and give us insight in to two crucial members of the supporting cast.

Of adults and children )
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And with deep aplogies for the delay, we dive in to the second part of the third story arc for Mike Carey's grand story, Lucifer. The first part can be found at

Without further ado, let us continue on to the story itself. When we last left the world of Lucifer behind us, the angelic host was preparing to invade Los Angeles to claim Lucifer's gate guarded by a Japanese Demon and the countless times incarnated soul of a hostile baby, an insane angel was experimenting on Archangel Michael and a messed up angel experiment was about to kill Elaine's real father.

Truths and lies )
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It is once again time to dive back in to the wonderful and frightening world of Lucifer with the storyline Children and Monsters, with this post consisting of 7 pages of each of the 22 page issues, to the sum total of 28. One of the really crazy things about the Lucifer comic is that each storyarc has massive implications and changes everything in the story until the next storyline. It gives it a certain breathless pace that makes it seem a much longer than it actually was. I will split this storyline two posts to get it done, with this being the first one, for ease of reading and posting.

Before going to the story, a brief note. I saw Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend and I do actually implore people interested in it to see it at the movie theater, as it is a movie that needs to be experiences. My weirdest realization after walking out of the movie theater was that I had just seen a R-rated destruction fest with a 150 million dollar budget with visuals and effects to match which also was one of the most feminist movies I had seen in ages. It was so awesome. Another awesome thing is that George Miller, the creator, has concepts for two sequels of which he has a script for one already. The name of the script? Mad Max: Furiosa. If you saw the movie and that name doesn't make you squel with joy, I have no words.

After that detour, let us get to the story at hand.

And pieces are set... )
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It is time once again to return to the wonderous world of Mike Careys Lucifer. The next big arc shall be Children and Monsters,  but before that there were two one-shot issues which both tied very heavily to that story arc, so I will be posting them now here before doing a post on that arc. Also, Fox officially picked up Lucifer which shall be a police procedural. While reading these stories, consider that the story Fox saw Lucifer police solve crimes.

Scans from two 22 page issues, with 7 pages per issue.

Of souls young and ancient... )
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 You're probably wondering why I'm doing this (again).

I didn't quite catch enough attention the last time, so let's try this once more. 

Let me present to you the queen of all fairy tale deconstructions in non-comic media. 

Set in the town of Goldekrone.... )


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