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In the first installment of this series, I introduced you to a pair of Will Eisner's more obscure creations - an American secret agent known as Black X and a femme fatale known only as Madame Doom. While Black X appeared in comics for almost a hundred issues overall, lasting all the way to the end of the Golden Age, Madame Doom only appeared eleven times. Curiously, her appearance often changed between issues, which actually kind of makes sense. After all, she was a spy who is trying to evade attention. It's certainly makes more sense than Black X's ability to go undercover even while wearing his rather distinctive monocle (but that's a tangent for another post).

Many Faces of Madame Doom

We jump forward to Smash Comics #12, where we find our heroes facing off against Madame Doom, who allied herself with a very familiar character.

A descendant? You didn't read the original novel at all, did you? (9 pages under the cut) )

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Today, Will Eisner is best remembered for the Spirit. But what many fans don't realize is that he was pretty prolific during the Golden Age, creating loads of characters (costumed or otherwise) for several different publishers. In this series of posts, we will touch on one of Eisner's more obscure creations - a femme fatale known only as Madame Doom.

Many Faces of Madame Doom

Madame Doom was a love interest and the antagonist to Black X (also known as Black Ace), one of earliest (if not the earliest) comic book spies. He was also one of Eisner's earliest creations, debuting all the way back in 1938 on the pages of Feature Funnies #13. Black X was originally Richard Spencer, a Washington bureaucrat who faked his own death in order to fight criminals and foreign spies under the cover of anonymity and plausible deniability as an agent of Department of Defense. The comic made no bones about the fact that the work Black X did was very dangerous, and Department of Defense was perfectly willing to leave him in the cold if things went south. Black X was assisted by Batu, his telepathic Indian manservant. I haven't been able to find an issue where they first met, so I have no idea why Batu would take orders from some none-powered white guy who, btw, often took his abilities for granted, but that's a whole other tangent.

In any case, now that the I got the background info out of the way, allow me to present the very first appearance of Madame Doom.

The following story originally appeared in Smash Comics #4. Writing and art by Will Eisner.

Sexual tension, sabotage, crypto-Nazis, shirtless secret agents, disguises, murder and did we mention sexual tension? (9 pages under the cut) )

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