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"Gotham Academy was at [the American Library Association midsummer meeting], where we learned there was no such thing as “all ages.” Honestly, I am writing my part of Gotham Academy for myself. This is the kind of book I want to enjoy, but at the same time I’m very conscious that my eight-year-old niece needs a book like this. If I have to drill down and say it has to be shelved in a certain place or recommended to a specific demographic, I would say young people eight to 14. My niece is eight and she loves Gotham Academy. I feel very proud when I give her a book and she devours it and wants more. I had her in mind when I put it together. I need to know this is something she is really going to enjoy. It feels really validating. I know that it’s not inappropriate for that age range, we are not putting anything in there that would be inappropriate at all, but also I know this story plays for somebody at that age. It’s really been stirring a chord with her." - Brenden Fletcher

Writers: Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Karl Kerschl
Colorist: Serge Lapointe & Michele Assarasakorn

It's been awhile since we looked at Gotham Academy, so... let's catch up with it!

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Inspired by icon_uk's and auggie18's Accentuate the Positive posts, here's a contribution of my own!

I've always believed that although Gotham contains the worst examples of comic book humanity, it also creates the best, most shining examples of it to aid her innocents.

Case in point: Dick!Batman, Huntress, and a certain Father Mark from the East End of Gotham:
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Part of the Secret Origin of Man-Bat ties into the secret origin of Batman. Mainly, a bat wouldn't fly through a closed window just because Frank Miller thinks it looks cool.

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I've noticed a tendency in my recent posts that, when discussing the DCnU, my tone tended towards the whiny... This is not good, this is not why I read comics, and this is not why I come to s_d. So whilst acknowledging anyone else's perfectly valid right to rage, I've decided that I'm not going to do that (or at least cut back, I need SOME snark in my life after all).

So I'm going to dig through the long boxes and pull out old stories I enjoyed, and share them, because if we're not sharing the love, then it's not nearly as much fun.

First up....

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IJ account created, check. Joined S_D 2.0, check. Userpic, can't find the damn thing, heck with it I'll get one later. Here we go...

The relentless stagflation of the 70's was not kind to comics. 50 cents for a 100 page super-spectacular became 60 cents, then became 60 cents for a 64 page giant, and finally 60 cents for a 48 page "giant." (back then, comic companies were actually reluctant to raise cover prices, you see). Then came the "Dollar Comic," at 80 pages for a dollar, with all-new content. But 80 pages was just too much paper to be affordable, so after only a few months of 80 page dollar comics, the page count was cut back to 64 pages.

But again, this was an era when comic publishers felt a responsibility to deliver value for your dollar, so DC eliminated all advertising from the 64 page dollar comics. 64 pages with no ads was nearly the same number of story pages as 80 pages with ads, so they could tell readers that nothing had changed except a lower printing bill for DC. And it gave the artists the opportunity to create pinups for the back cover.Read more... )

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