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"I spoke earlier about how you need characters to sympathize with in a book like this. When Teen Abomination came along, and was fully realized by Yildiray Cinar's art, our editor, Mark Paniccia, immediately felt sorry for him and asked me to look after him. This is what you want as a writer. You want readers rooting for characters, and Tony needed someone, too." -Tom Taylor

Two pages from #3, three from #4. )
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This is less than four pages of UNCANNY X-MEN 19.NOW. This issue has Maria Hill show up in the newest former X-Man's apartment. David Bond was kicked out of Cyclops' X-Men for recklessness. He wakes up at his old apartment and...

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Evidently, Fury taught Hill well on how to screw others over to get a job done.

Four pages form Secret Avengers #4

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Honestly, while it has some faults, this is probably the most consistently good Avengers book to come out of Marvel NOW, and its not even really an Avengers title. Its got a sense of humor and features some awesome characters, and Spencer’s really proving himself a decent writer.

So yeah, read it.
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Long story short for those not in the know, Secret Avengers was rebooted, and part of that is reinventing the team for New!SHIELD, where they'll be doing secret Missions, just like before, but this time they'll be mind-wiped after every mission, so they won't tell the other Avengers.

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Oracle once wondered if the Bat-family was culpable for the Joker's crimes since they never did anything permanent to stop him. Here's a few pages from the NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI special where a similar discussion about culpability is discussed.

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Three panels from Irredeemable Iron Man #28 )

And that wasn't even the best bit of the issue. If you want to find out what it was, go to your comics shop and ask for Iron Man #28. They'll know what to do.


May. 19th, 2010 09:00 pm
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Four scans from Invincible Iron Man #26.

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char: iron man/tony stark, char: maria hill, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca, title: invincible iron man, publisher: marvel comics


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