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Newsarama: For the last few years, Aquaman has been in a relationship with Mera, who's often stolen the show in Aquaman stories. How important is Mera to this story? And how formidable is she as a foe for Aquaman - physically, mentally and emotionally?

Bunn: Mera is vital to the series… and will become even more so as the book continues. There will be a lot of questions as to why she is out to get Aquaman. She’s the greatest single ally Arthur has ever had, and now she will become his greatest foe. She presents challenges on a physical, mental, and emotional level, and it’s fun for me to work with all three. Look to issues #44 and #45 for some major revelations when it comes to Arthur and Mera.

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From writer Cullen Bunn and artist Trevor McCarthy, we have a new Aquaman run. I'm a bit hit or miss when it comes to Bunn's work (love Sinestro and Fearless Defenders, but most of his Deadpool stuff and Magneto leaves me a bit cold), but hey, he's teamed up with an artist I really like. So let's see what we get to look forward to with his upcoming run in this sneak peek.

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Hi everyone! So it's International Women's Day, and I think that's as good a reason as any to post media, fanmade or otherwise, showcasing kickass women of comics. I'll kick it off with this combined Marvel/DC sketch:

(click the cut to get a link to a bigger version)

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Well, that's it from me! Feel free to comment and add your own.
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Last time, on Aquaman:

People: You suck!
Aquaman: Well, I'll show you!!

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Seriously, is there anyone out there who thought "So, that 52 thing... I bet that Aquaman is going to be the best thing to come out of it"? I did not expect to care about it and yet, it is my favorite 52 title at the moment.

Here are a few pages from Aquaman 2 to show you why I love it so much:

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Alas, the rules of OPM week mean that The Black Cat doesn't count as canon, but let's face it, given half a chance, we'd want it to be.

Her next series of images are going to be "Superhero Family's", her work with the Batclan goes without saying, and we've recently seen the Super-family, and the Women of Wonder.

So perhaps one of the next most populous family's get's a look in...Click for sub-aquatic cuteness! )


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