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One of them's the Rose.

The other's the Crime-Master.

Both of them're gonzo masterminds, legacies whose predecessors were gangsters that fought Spider-Man. The Rose menaced Michael Morbius in Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson's take on the Living Vampire, in the same way as the Crime-Master did Flash Thompson in Rick Remender and Tony Moore's Venom.

The threats they presented were different from those of the ones whose names they'd taken.

(Two warnings- first, there's close to forty images under this cut.

Second, there's some violence.)

Theirs were grander in scope and scale. )
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MIDNIGHT SUNS UNLIMITED #4 is the final chapter of the "Seige of Darkness" crossover. A collection of supernatural characters are fighting Zarathos. Zarathos has killed and absorbed Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider. But Morbius has an idea of how to weaken Zarathos. Just not a very heroic one.

Morbiusdickery after the cut. )


May. 25th, 2009 09:15 pm
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In this month's request thread I asked if Morbius, The LIVING VAMPIRE!, ever got a series that was good.

I wanted to know because in the 90s animated series, Morbius was awesome and disgusting (and that made him more awesome) - but whenever I dipped into his comics they were.. well frankly they were dull and forgettable. I read one of them a week ago and I already have very little idea of what happened.

And an Anonymous answered! And lo, it was good.

By which I mean nuts.

Here are a couple of links, because shit, I haven't posted anything on a journal for forever and I can't remember how.

Thanks mysterious benefactor!


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