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I'm not even entirely sure I'm joking there....

Midnighter #4 had a preview up now (Well, it's out today) and hitflix has an interview with writer Steve Orlando

Here's a snippet!

HF: Can we talk a little about the art style? Because as a lady I am very grateful for the sequence that is happening as the preview ends. It seems like with Grayson and Midnighter (among other characters), DC is starting to realize you can't just have cheesecake, but beefcake is also very welcome. Is that something you guys you specifically add in visually because of Midnighter's sexual orientation or is it just a natural outcropping of his personality?

STEVE: I think it's part of his personality. If you try to do it too much 'on purpose' it's not going to come off right. But yes, there are some fascinating things for fans of that type of content in MIDNIGHTER #4! But you know, we were also in Russia and it's a classic cultural thing that happens there. So the opportunity was there and I thought 'Why not do it?' Midnighter is a guy that doesn't care who he makes uncomfortable, he's going to say exactly what he thinks and exactly what he's feeling. 

You're right though. There are plenty of books that have a certain type of male gaze and it's exciting to update that. Tim Seeley and Tom King started it in Grayson and it's something I think is great. It's bold and unapologetic but it's fun. And it's an exciting friendly competition as Tim, Tom, and I try to outdo each other with flirtation and innuendo between Midnighter and Grayson!

Yay! :)

MIDN-4-4-a5a3e a.jpg

Well, Dick's propensity to elicit protective feelings in brooding older men has been noted too many times to even be coincidence any more.

Coffee and a sauna Mr Grayson? )
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I realise that I have been a little heterocentric in my posts for Valentines Day, which is fair enough, since the characters I tend to follow are heterosexual... (though I'm slightly hesitant to call Cypher entirely straight given his indeterminate relationship with a shapeshifting alien for whom gender isn't really clear cut)

At any rate, when I think of gay couples, my mind goes to a couple of examples; Renee Montoya and Kate Kane for one, and another is Apollo and Midnighter.

And if I had to pick one.... )Read more... )
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Much of the comic-sphere is abuzz with DC's announcement about what's coming in June after their "Convergence" event ends...

For one thing the "New 52" will no longer be used as a tagline or a concept. (After more than three years, that seems fair enough, it was hardly "New" to begin with... and also, they're down to 49 titles, so it wouldn't even be accurate.

A LOT of info there, and at least one cover scan that I think is worth discussion!

But then... I would! )
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The Name's Grayson. Dick Grayson.

Badadah-badadah-badadah-badadah-I can't see me loving nobody but you... )

Food For Thought: I guess we know who Blondie is on that Batsgiving Poster, don't we? If so, there's only one person left on that thing who's un-ID'd.
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I was looking through my old Millar-penned issues of The Authority, and while it's filled to bursting with typical Millar-isms, there's this one bit that sticks out. I remembered the scene itself, but the follow-up surprised me. Scans taken from issues 14 and 16.

A shocking lack of gore behind the cut! )
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If you're like me, and have spent the last year hoping to see at least a GLIMPSE of the old Authority in the new Stromwatch (that I'm not dropping only because I, for once in my life, want to be there when a couple I've always been rooting for gets together), I have great news for you! The new I, Vampire delivers Stormwatch team I WANT to read - snarky, violent and having fun. I hope the artistic team behind this book, author and artist, get to do Stormwatch one day.

Several random panels of Midnighter, Apollo and Jack kicking ass, taking names, then kicking more ass while taking names )
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Frist of all, I liked this issue. Awe, shock, horror; I know!
Second of all, they finally decided to explain Midnighter's chinspike and the story goes like this:

Stormwach 12 - 3 pages )


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