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And how does Hawkeye celebrate such a day as this?

Well, by getting caught in the middle of a very strange love pentagon between the woman Bendis put him with, the woman Fraction's put him with, the woman Whedon sort of-but not quite hinted he was with, and the woman he used to be with and still has strong feelings for of course!

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Greetings True Believers!

A nice issue.

Cap says something that I think is totally spot-on.

Mockingbird gives a certain twosome the stink-eye.

Wong is a sour-puss.

And it's time for an Avengers sleep-over and draft!


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for frogs are tasty and easily chargrilled. :D

When last we left our heroes: a wacky-acting Fin Fang Foom transformed Tony, Bucky and Thor into frogs. Thor used his psychic link to Throg to summon the Pet Avengers; F-cubed swallowed first the Frogvengers, then the Pet Avengers - and made Lockheed an offer he maybe, possibly, can't refuse?
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Next issue: The cover shows the Pets doing battle against a de-frogged Thor, IM and Cap. How? Why? Tune in next month, pet lovers!
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So, I ordered a 50-issue grab-bag of old Marvel stuff a few weeks ago, and when it finally arrived, it was absolutely packed with "classic" 90's Marvel. Betty Brant with an assault rifle, people. But the craziest thing in the box came from 1987: West Coast Avengers Annual #2, where...well, read the title. If that's not worth some kind of rant, I don't know what is. But I'll get to that later. First, I want to post the greatest panel in the book, or indeed in anything I've read lately.

That is Thor using Mjolnir to hit a game-tying grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning. Also, the ball is on fire. That's just awesome.

Anyway. On with the post. The West Coast Avengers aren't history's most popular super-team, so it didn't take long to check all the posts with their tag. Doesn't look like I'm duplicating anything, at least from the post-LJ era, and I've taken material from fewer than 14 pages out of 42 in the book.
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[personal profile] halloweenjack asked about the early black and white story featuring Bobbi Morse in her pre-Mockingbird days. She'd already appeared in a couple of issues of Astonishing Tales by the time this was printed.

This story was in Marvel Super Action #1 and reprinted in the recent Avengers: Hawkeye hardcover collection. Bobbi Morse was known as the Huntress here. The artwork and format reminds me of those British black & white magazines I've seen.

According to the title page the story was written by Mike Friedrich and art by George Evans.

The story is 20 pages, so I've included the first five pages or so.

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suggested tags: publisher: marvel; char: mockingbird/bobbi morse
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So ifanboy and a ton of other comics sites are announcing a new Hawkeye & Mockingbird ongoing series written by Jim McCann and drawn by David Lopez, the team from New Avengers: Reunion. The first issue drops in June following a story in the "Enter the Heroic Age" anthology.

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Do I need another scan if I'm just posting a cover/promo image?

suggested tags: char: mockingbird/bobbi morse; char: hawkeye/ronin/clint barton; creator: jim mccann; creator: david lopez; publisher: marvel comics


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