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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #32: Tony Bedard
Writer for #31: Sean McKeever
Artist for #32: Al Barrrionuevo
Artist for #31: Manuel Garcia
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

I wanted to focus on these two issues in particular because of a certain point...

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Given the success of my post a couple of days ago about Aquaman exploring an alternative side to his dress sense, here, from 30 years ago (Dear Lord it IS 30 years ago... wow I feel old), is Superman 349. (A 17 page story, which I think I've posted a little under six pages worth of story for).

As Superman finds himself the victim of...

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First post at the new place, thought I'd do my part.

This is from World's Funnest, and I think I actually got these scans once upon a time from Scans Daily 1.0, but it's well worth reposting!


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What more need be said?

Hee hee.

Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:26 am
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A parody in Miller style and a parody in Calvin and Hobbes style of the life of Superman's daughter, as imagined by Mxy. (Four pages from Adventures of Superman 638, for those who keep track.)

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How can anyone keep up with the ever changing Superman universe. I recall when Gold K exposure took your powers away forever. Now is only 15 minutes (I wonder what that is in Krypton time , or course then you have to ask yourself if that new or old krypton). Blue K used to only effect there's Black kryptonite. Does anyone have a powerpoint that breaks down all the forms of Kryptonite and what they effect ? How about Kryptonite Viagra ????

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Sooooooooo since we had two wonderful weeks of Bat/Cat, I was thinking of dedicating some posts this week to the most dysfunctional couple in DC. Love them, hate them, they definitely constitute a fabulous part of the DC world.

This is a repost from old S_D, which some of you have probably seen.

It's called Emperor Joker and is collected as a trade paperback now.


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