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The book came out over a month ago and only the Wondergirl (Cassandra) story was posted as far as I could see so I'm posting a bit more from it since it had a bunch of stories inside.

Animal Man had a 12 page story in the book and I'll be posting 3 from it

Lyssa Drak had a story on her which was 6 pages and I'll be posting 2.

Animal Man: White Lantern, Black Lantern and... Lyssa Drak and friend )

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Four scans from Blackest Night #7.

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char: sinestro, char: green lantern/hal jordan, char: nekron, event: blackest night, publisher: dc comics, creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis
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IGN has the cover for Blackest Night #5... as well as an interview with Geoff Johns.

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What happens when singer, actor, stunt girl etc.... Witchfire and Wonder Woman meet at a concert?

A rather interesting meeting with a very powerful DC supervillain who is in no way *cough* connected to Blackest Night.

Just thought you all might enjoy this...


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