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Title: Astonishing X-Men
Creators: Marjorie Liu (story), Mike PErkins (art), Gabriel Hernandez Walta (art)
Posting: Four pages from AXM #49, two pages from #59, one page from #56
Availability: In the Northstar (currently on sale, btw) and Weaponized trades, and digitally.

So there's a lot I like about the Jean-Paul Beaubier/Kyle Jinadu relationship (most of it covered here).

There's quite a bit I dislike about it, the latest being the bitter hilarity of Marvel having waited about twenty years to do anything with Northstar's lovelife, and then by the time they finally decided the waters of public opinion were tepid enough to do their gay marriage/DOMA storyline, they wound up spending over a year building to a story that's currently on the cutting edge of obsolescence.

I've got to admit, though, I do love how sweet these two can be together. make me feel like there's nothing wrong with me. )
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Okay, finally got around to digging out a Marvel comic, Alpha Flight #22 (first series.)

Some context for our younger readers: At the end of the first year of Alpha Flight, their leader Guardian was killed off and the team largely broke up, so the next year focused on stories spotlighting one or two of the members, while advancing the various subplots leading up to the #25 milestone issue. Of course, keeping all the balls in the air means that sometimes a writer gets a little stuck, and in this case had to come up with a villain by looking at his eraser.


Seven pages of a 22-page story, plus a treat.

The title of the story is 'Rub-Out' )

If this is your rirst time at Scans Daily, a friendly reminder that we don't do fat-shaming here.

Your thoughts and comments?

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[personal profile] sherkahn is spreading the wildfire, as they drop the hint that someone iconic to DC is "born this way".

While I am not happy about how DCnU has changed things, this will be a pleasant surprise.

UPDATE: *This just in*

Place your bets.  )
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And so to that end, I'm going to spend the next couple of posts to showcase a couple of artists who are not only well and truly alive, but who have a vibrancy to them that re-energises me just looking at them.

Here's the first, a chap by the name of Patricio Oliver, an Argentinian artist who has a blog here and who is a regular contributor to the always worth a wander through Project: Rooftop.

He has a very stylised style which could annoy the hell out of me, and in lesser hands probably would, but these are beautiful, with a very Erté feel to it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy )

A purely notional (alas) New X-Men cartoon )

And a fun assortment of 1920's style New Mutants, for no reason other than the 20's were fun

So why not... )

And because I like the use of contrast - Northstar )

But this is how I first cam across Patricio's work, as he shares my abiding affection for Saint Seiya (Which was HUGE in South America, amongst other places, back in the day)

The Bronze Saints of Saint Seiya )
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So yeah, tis the season for hokey Christmas specials and horrible comics. Or, at the least, poorly drawn comics. And horrible 90s art. Oh the horrible 90s art. It's not a Christmas classic like the Harley/Ivy Christmas story or the Joker & Tim one and...honestly, the Alpha Flight Christmas issue really shouldn't be a Christmas classic. Still, it's an entertaining read.

Scans and Christmas spirit under cut! )
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Title: X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Storm and Gambit (Marvel, 2010, 22 pages)
Creators: Chuck Kim (writer) and Chris Bachalo (artist)
Availability: On Sale Now

I wasn't actually intending to pick this up (or post more Northstar during the 30 Days meme, for that matter), but it showed up at the used book shop near my house and I knew it had a Northstar appearance, so $.75 didn't seem like too much to risk. And hey, he is my favorite LGBT character...

It turns out that this one-shot really isn't a bad little read at all. I enjoyed the story a hell of a lot more than I have anything that's been served up in Fraction's Uncanny (not that this should be taken as endorsement of the new adjectiveless title, which I'm not digging; I just think that Kim knocked his particular installment out of the park). I'm not that fond of Storm or Gambit, but they're written as competent characters with a strong affection for each other, their voices are spot on, and Storm has a choice near the end that really made me feel for what her character's been through since the Claremont days. Bachalo's art is as expressive as ever, even if I don't think his storytelling skills are the best, and there are a couple of pages of Storm kicking ass that are just flat-out gorgeous. So if you're a fan of either Ororo or Remy, you could do worse than to pick this one up.

Not that you're going to see much of them under the cut...

All right, on to the spoilers )

So yeah, general thumbs up on this one.


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