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I honestly had trouble with this one. Because in truth? There is more than one character I'd like to see come back from the dead.

The characters I speak of all populated a world that was originally five decades old. They lived on a world where the first superheroes appeared and united during World War II and formed the first superhero team in the history of superhero teams. These were the characters that aged in real time, married, and had families of their own. Their own children eventually took over their jobs as superheroes once they were old and retired or had passed on after a long, fruitful life. Their own legacy even led the arrival of a new generation of superheroes that were more diverse than their predecessors.

I am of course, talking about the pre-Crisis Earth-2 in all its Golden Age glory! )
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Hey Guys. I don't know if this qualifies as a legality (is it fan art or a web comic as the artist does seem to post regularly?). I requested a drawing from NotThisCrap on Tumblr (who is fast becoming my FAVORITE artist ever) for my birthday a week ago, and i wanted to share it here,

Happy Birthday to ME! )

Icon help

Apr. 2nd, 2010 11:14 am
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(I have never done a txt post this large so if i am doing it wrong please let me know and i will fix it :)

Hey Guys, like most of us, i like using my icons based on what I post. ie Asking a question, i use "The Questions" Postuing Information, i use "Oracle," something snide or 'come and get me-ish' i use one of the Manhunter pics i have....

now, since SOMEBODY posted a horrifying picture of a Spider that was supposed to be "cute" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)i have been looking for an immage that shows horror "A character being horrified," it can be genuinely horrifying, or funny horrifying... (there was one i found a while back with Atlee that was pretty funny, she was watching a horror movie with PG, but cant for the life of me find it...) others are cool too, and hey, if you have any other types of emotions that would be cool too.

Angry would be cool too (unless it is a pretty decent pic, trying to stay away from "Lantern" pics, unless, like i said, i t is really good.)

thanks guys.

oh and for legality!

Damon and Todd... i miss them... :( )


Jul. 23rd, 2009 07:52 pm
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I've been a long time lurker of SD for quite some time now (pre-lj eviction included), and the one thing I remember was concern regarding Willingham's future handling of Obsidian.

In fact, one question in particular was brought up.


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