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When last we left our unfortunate heroine, her home planet Caminus was being invaded by the combiner Menasor.

Well, the police can handle it, right? )

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Story by: Mairghread Scott & John Barber
Artist: Sarah Stone
Cover artist: Casey W. Coller
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When last we left Cybertron, the Aerialbots had somehow fused into a combiner, Superion, but were left comatose afterward. A bunch of Transformers left for Earth to retrieve the Enigma of Combination, an ancient artifact that allows Transformers to turn into actual functioning combiners. They got their hands on it, and Scoop secreted it to Starscream.

This can have no bad results )

Writer: John Barber
Story by: Mairghread Scott & John Barber
Artist: Livio Ramondelli
Cover artist: Casey W. Coller
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When last we left Megatron he had captured Dr. Biggles-Jones, and Cobra Commander had been left with a fraction of the promised Cybertronian tech, but a fraction that could still be dangerous in his hands.

5 1/3 out of the 16 page main story 2 1/3 of the 7 page backup )

Missing Tags: Creator: Manny Galan, Creator: Andrew Wildman
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Last time Scarlett had been stabbed in the chest by Snake-eyes, and the Cobra Ninjas were, correctly, suspecting her of still working for GI Joe cause Snake-eyes never misses. But since there are more Transformers fans here than Joe fans we'll have to side skirt her story for the next couple issues (though don't worry we'll get back to her), cause here's Megatron.

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Not being American I don't necessarily feel qualified to post this, but sometimes you just can't help yourself

As American as.... )
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 Been waiting for this issue to age abit so I can post these images.  First, let's open with a bang, shall we?

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 Issue #86 just came out, so I'm going to put up more of the fight between Optimus and Megatron.  The dam has breached, this is one very angry Prime at war.

One shall stand, one shall fall. )
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For those who have been following the pre-war stories of Orion Pax and his rising quest to right the increasingly corrupt establishment on Cybertron have seen his Senator friend for a while. Theories have abounded as to what their identity was.

Here's the payout.


SPOILERS and four pages below the cut )

Request to mods: Please amend Optimus Prime tag to include his "Orion Pax" name as well

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 Ok, this has been touched on briefly before as 'grim-and-gritty' Transformers, which is odd considering that it's the original Marvel series, continuing past 80.  The art style evokes the character designs of that series, and the 80's cartoon. This week #85 came out, and this is the first page...

The times, they are a-changin' )
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While IDW is currently doing an awesome job publishing Generation 1 based comics, they're not publishing an ongoing Transformers: Prime comic. Transformers: Prime is the current main TF cartoon, a CGI-animated series being shown on The Hub (previously Discovery Kids).

Titan Magazines over in the UK has been publishing a Transformers magazine which comes out once every four weeks since 2007, and while for most of its life it has been based around the Michael Bay movie franchise, last year they switched it over to be Transformers: Prime themed. The magazine includes such features as a letters page where the letters are answered in-character by Megatron and Arcee, an astrology column hosted by Starscream, and an eight-page comic. While intended for a somewhat younger readership than the IDW comic, the stories are fun.

So I thought I'd post parts of the comics from the second (just under 2 pages out of 8) and third (approx 2 pages out of 8) issues.

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I must confess, that after Beast Wars I have not kept up with the different versions of the Transformers, being turned off by some of the later versions of the rich mythology.

With that said, Transformers: Autocracy has grown on me. ComicBookResources
has the preview of issue #8, and this one scene just makes me feel the spirit and power of old.
(Translation: I can hear the 80's character voices saying the words as I read)

Bringing out the big guns. )
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In a recent Transformers post there was some interesting discussion about the whole civil war and what both sides were after or were fighting for. I thought I would present these pages from the current IDW ongoing, issue 22, to help shed some light on Megatron's motivations.

(Please be kind, this is my first time posting an entry.)

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I recently came across this story in old copies of Transformers Weekly I found in a longbox, and thought I'd share.

There's a G1 cartoon episode, "Autobot Spike", which deals with what happens when the mind of a wounded Spike Witwicky (the Autobots human sidekick) is placed inside a convenient robot body made out of spare Autobot parts whilst his body undergoes a life saving operation. Naturally, he goes stark staring mad, and runs amok, until he is eventually stopped and brought back to be restored to his old self... As disturbing Frankenstein body-horror stories go, it's not a bad 22 minute toy-based cartoon.

This is NOT that story, though it does examine the question... "What CAN a race of 40 foot tall alien battle robots possibly do to help their squishy little human buddy stay safe?"

The cover offers a clue... (The story is written by Transformers legend Simon Furman, and the art is a very early example of Barry Kitson, another find of Marvel UK)

Well, it was this or they try to find a second hand Gundam going cheap )

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Greetings True Believers!

The Joes and Autobots are back for another round of WWII adventures. Grimlock! Soundwave! Roadblock! The Baroness! Scarlett! Optimus! Cobra Commander! Battles, brotherhood and suggestive language!

I love this mini. Enjoy!

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So shall we review?

Combaticons (what's left of them) are working for/with North Korea.

The US President has declared any nation cooperating with Cybertronians will be labeled a terrorist faction.

A covert group of the US military, led by Commander Spike Witwicky, has been working with the Autobots to capture or disable any remaining Decepticons. Well, President or not, they're not just gonna sit around...

Two pages from Transformers 10 )

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so yeah, the New Avengers/Transformers crossover.

basic plot: there's about to be a war going down between Symkaria (yes, a silver-haired lady shows up for a panel or two) and Latveria. SHIELD, detecting a mysterious structure in the area, sends in the Avengers to figure out what's going on.

(addendum: those whose computers tend to choke on image-heavy posts, the comments warn me that you might want to beware.)

And surprisingly, this one's only partly on Doom's head.  )


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