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These are from Sensation Comics #4, 1942. Remember that these can be bought in the Archive Edition reprints; thus far there are five Wonder Woman volumes. And they have them of other Golden Age comics too; I also have the Black Canary volume.

This issue introduces Wonder Woman's enemy Baroness Paula von Gunther, whom she later reformed, probably by spanking her.

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This is one of my favorite Golden Age WW stories ever, Wonder Woman vs. the International Milk Company. It's one of those unusually cracked out ones. Originally published in Sensation #7 in 1942.

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These are from Wonder Woman #3, 1943. H.G. Peter's art doesn't seem up to his usual (admittedly quirky) standard in this issue. But hey, the issue involves the Baroness Von Gunther, invisible slavegirls, mind control devices and bondage.

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These are from Wonder Woman #4, 1943.

When I was a kid in the 70's, I bought a current issue of Wonder Woman that dealt with these same Mole Men. In fact, the story was almost the same, except without Paula von Gunther. And there's another Golden Age story I shared with y'all recently where Wonder Woman dealt with the Seal Men. In a nutshell, WW kept encountering semi-animalistic men who cruelly oppressed normal-looking human women until the Amazing Amazon showed up. Oh, if only the symbolism were less subtle!



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