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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #34: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Writer for #33: Adam Beechman
Writer for #32: Tony Bedard
Artist for #34: Jesus Saiz
Artist for #33: Carlos Magno
Artist for #32: Al Barrrionuevo
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Let's just get back with Countdown to Final Crisis...

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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #40: Tony Bedard
Writers for #39: Sean McKeever
Writers for #38: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Artists for #40: Keith Giffen and Manuel Garcia
Artist for #39: Jim Calafiore
Artist for #38: Jesus Saiz
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Time for the monthly check in with Countdown to Final Crisis. The party never ends.

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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writers for #43: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Writers for #42: Sean McKeever & Tony Bedard
Writer for #41: Adam Beechman
Artist for #43: Manuel Garcia & David Lopez
Artist for #42: Carlos Magno
Artist for #41: Dennis Calero
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Back to Countdown, whether you like it or not.

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I feel slightly disloyal when I say, quite sincerely, that I don’t really follow characters because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, aswexual (or anywhere in the glorious spectrum inbetween and beyond) or even straight. I follow them because I like the characters and want to see what happens next with them, and if they happen to be something other than hetero-normative in their preferences all I ask is that it’s treated with the same level of taste and decency usually reserved for straight folk.

I’m probably a little immunised to the concept by growing up reading a lot of Claremont X-Titles, where a little... grey area in characters sexuality was a given, what with so many deep and strong same-sex friendships that one had to wonder… Storm and Yukio? Rachel and Kitty? Heck, Kurt and Logan sometimes... and what exactly WAS the nature of the relationship between Doug and Warlock after they’d bonded at the molecular level a time or two?

Though I don’t actually like Mystique much, her relationship with Destiny was usually nicely handled, but like I said, I don’t care for Mystique in any other capacity.

A few more lesser known choices came to mind, the rather lovely “We’ve been married for forty years as far as we’re concerned” Jetman (formerly Jetboy, a WWII aerial ace based closely on Airboy) and fellow WWII airman Wulf, in “Top 10”, or the cute couple of Blue Comet and Fusion in the “Boy Meets Hero” webcomic, the new Jem comic will apparently have Kimber and Stormer as being in/having had a relationship, but that's not out yet.

Instead I went for a character whose emergence as a gay character was handled with admirable lack of brouhaha for the time it happened in… I mean Hartley Rathaway, better known as

The Pied Piper )
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One of the most interesting things that the Wally West Flash series did was the the Rogues, the loose assortments of villains that had plagued Barry for years, and retconning them as... well, a sort of family, a dysfunctional family but they a bond between them. Originally they had little in common with each other, other than they bought their costumes in the same place and were united in their hatred for the Flash.

I'm still preparing my Serpent Society history post, but I found this in my LJ gallery lelarly having intended to post it at some point, but I don't think I ever did, so here is another take on villainous relationships, before it became somewhat friendlier, for a given value of friendship of course, as via cary bates and Carmine Infantino, we find out how the Rogues originally handled the death of "one of their own"

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I got a request on the other thread for the time Piper created a life form out of sound, and I found the sequence in a post by vigilante_wake over here. I'll post a page and you can hop over on the link if you want to see more of the story. I warn you though, it's pretty wacky :-).

I have got a couple of other Piper scans, too :-). )
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Hello again :-). I used to post to scans_daily fairly regularly when it was back on LJ, but I drifted off for a bit and then the big 'kerfuffle' happened and all of my posts disappeared into the wide blue yonder. D'oh.

Anyway, something I did a few times way back when was a series of lists with commentary and appropriate scans. The only one still up is the one I did on insane characters, because I stuck that up on my own lj as well. Since I've been drifting back to comic fandom, I figure now would be a good time to do another. Lists are cool! :-)

I like genius characters. There's something very satisfying about a conflict that's more mental than physical, and something very interesting about someone who can think rings around the other characters. Sensible, normal geniuses, however, have never been as fascinating to me as those that are just a little bit... weird :-).

So! A few points:
1) I did have evil geniuses in here at first, but really, there's so many of them I could probably give them a list of their own later. Therefore, while there are ex-criminals, characters who are sort of in the middle, and (several) characters whose methods are questionable at times, this is not a list of full-on evildoers.
2) All of the characters originated in comics, and all are just a wee bit out there. It might be that they are your traditional eccentric scientist, they might use their intelligence in very strange ways, they might be incredibly intelligent but completely oblivious when it comes to social niceties, or it might be that they're perfectly aware of social niceties, they just don't understand why people would bother.
3) Finally, while this list is generally in order of increasing oddballness, this is a list of my favourite oddball geniuses. There may well be many characters who are smarter or weirder out there. Feel free to post scans of them; the more the merrier :-).

By the way, my favourites tend to be fairly specific to the companies I read, so this list has five characters from DC, two from an independent comic (the same one, actually), one from a European series, one from Wildstorm and one from a Manga series. Feel free to speculate :-).

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Just thought I'd share a page of Pied Piper awesome.

From Wally's Flash run, issue 93 )

Suggested tags: char: pied piper/hartley rathaway, publisher: dc comics, title: the flash
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Well now how can we have Gratuitous Butt-shot Week on Scans Daily without DC's first out quasi-villain? I tell yah!

So here he is, The Sultan of Sound himself, the Maestro of Malevolence, the Composer of Compassion (I made that one up), The Pied Piper!

And here are his assets :3  )


suggested tags: char: pied piper, char: replicant, creator: mark waid, creator: paul pelletier, publisher: DC, title: Flash v2, series: gratuitous butt shot week
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This week's Flash: Rebirth showed Wally making costumes out of speed in a facepalming piece of ludicrous WTFcomic!physics that harks back to Barry Allen's infamous "zOMG my belt's going weird and changing Kid Flash's costume!" facepalmer. It's crack like this that keeps me buying comics.

Anyhow, I wondered if this retroactively explained the Pied Piper's mysterious costume change and Yaseen101 asked 'what costume change?' Well, we've already had the Trickster and you just can't break up a good OTP, so what better way to bring the Pied Piper to the new Scans_Daily than with the greatest mystery known to Pipster fandom:

Where did he get those wonderful clothes? )
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The other moments posted are awesome, but I picked this one for pure badass and style. Behold, the most epic "Fuck you!" ever delivered in comics, and one of the few bright spots in the load of crap that was Countdown.

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Ohayo gozaimasu, minna-Scans!

Yesterday I posted One Perfect Moment of the Pied Piper and was asked to post a few of his "power of music" moments.

I must also thank Icon_UK for posting One Perfect Coming-out, which has long been hailed as a perfect example of how to handle such a moment. To date, all of Piper's relationship scenes have been handled with such dignity, including his bittersweet love story, "Sound and Fury." To Mark Waid and William Messner-Loebs, thank you.
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Good morning, chillins! Auntie Katze's back and having another Moment ..wait that didn't sound right..

Yesterday I posted a Perfect Moment of the Trickster; today I bring you the Trickster's one true partner (if only he'd realise it), the Pied Piper.


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