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The following is one page from Justice #8. To catch you up-- the world is in massive danger, the villains have united, the heroes are at their lowest, everything is really bad. And then Elongated Man decides to have a quick word with Plastic Man... 
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As I was watching the latest episode of The Flash, where Jay valiantely saves all three people from a collapsing hospital in the middle of the day, because budgets be limited, I remembered a scene from Joe Kelly's JLA run. After digging up and re-reading that scene, I felt it was so awesome that why not post it here with the scene leading to it. Also, man that show is dumb that it seems to actively assault my brain, which doesn't bother me as much as the fact that Barry is the worst in that show.

So much awesomeness behind this link )
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After seeing a couple more young heroes struck down I thought it was appropriate to post this again. While wrapping up his run on Plastic Man artist/writer Kyle Baker decided make his feelings on the post Identity Crisis DC Universe known. What's kind of remarkable about this book is that Baker was ruthlessly skewering plot points from Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis while Identity Crisis had just came out and trade and Infinite Crisis was being full-on hyped. Oh and I made a post on my tumbler on this...

The Funeral of Billy Batson )

Given the current environment of comics this will never stop being funny.

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Ernie O'Brien wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as a grim 'n' gritty crimefighter. Too bad his dad's Plastic Man.

7 1/3 pages from OFFSPRING #1, a one-shot... )
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Here's a cracktastic PLASTIC MAN moment. I only knew about it because Dr. Forklift has a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo in JLA/AVENGERS #3 on the same panel early in that issue where the Masters of Evil are imprisoned.

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After having just finished watching UNDER THE HOOD, which was simply awesome in my opinion, I realized the current theme week requires more Joker, who had some of the best lines in the movie. Especially the 'Oh Bats, you do think about me' was simply golden on so many levels. After going through so many possible scenes to do a post about here, I concluded on a scene that doesn't even directly feature the smiling man, but which I still love. Two pages from the LAST LAUGH 5, written by Chuck Dixon.

The Bucket List )
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Well, it's less than 10 minutes (local time) until the 6th of January, Twelfth night, the Feast of Epiphany when it is traditional to take down Christmas decorations, so I just have time to slip this in under the wire. A couple of DC's official invitations to their annual Christmas party.

As you might hope, these are a little more creative than many such invitations

Now who could THAT be holding the "tree" together?
Merry Saturnalia Judeo-Christian heroes! )


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