Purple Man returns in Jessica Jones' title

"The only thing worse than what the Purple Man did to her originally is the thought of what he could do to her now that she has a child. Writing this has been so scary. This is scary stuff. This is psychological horror unlike anything I think I’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. We’ll see what people think." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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Daredevil #20

When Charles Soule started his Daredevil run DD's secret identity was back in the closet, with only Foggy Nelson knowing who he really was. Today's issue revealed what caused the new status quo.

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NS: Jessica Jones trailer

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Thoughts? I was kind of hoping for something more tonally in line with the comic to be honest.

The Purple Man Makes a Mental Note: Don't Mind-control Ninjas

Killgrave is one of my favorite villains: he's a snappy dresser and he really is a irredeemable hedonistic monster. He's made big plays in the marvel universe and is someone that Marvel superheroes almost universally despise.

He's also someone we love to see get beat up, as we see behind the cut.

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One Perfect Moment: Doctor Doom

Greetings True Believers!

Here is one page from the 1987 Marvel graphic novel "Emperor Doom".

It is pretty much the perfect example of Doom, his strength and why he is THE villain of the Marvel Universe.


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My Response to Millar's use of Doctor Doom.

Greetings True Believers! I have a problem with the "Masters of Doom" storyline. The problem is that Victor Von Doom does not have a master(s), Doom IS the master. Pride has always defined Doctor Doom (and led to his defeat at times) so the thought of Doom willingly and eagerly bending knee to any being flies in the face of the character Marvel has been building since 1962.
I realize that Millar might be planning for Doom to betray his "master" and may have always been planning that. That is the ONLY way to salvage this storyline.
Below the cut is one page from the 1987 Marvel graphic novel, "Emperor Doom" and this one page explains why Doom would never kneel to any being and it's a powerful display of the awesome.

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