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The Hatter versus the Doom Patrol

Love it or hate it (I sadly lean toward the latter of the two), Gail Simone's impact on post-2000s DC is immeasurable. It was she who made the Birds of Prey soar out from under the shadow of the Bat; she who finally gave Bane some manner of dignity and characterization to lift him out of his post-Knightfall slump; and she who took several villains that no one remembered anymore, assembled them all under the name of an equally forgotten team, and made both awesome beyond imagination.

All told, there are probably a hundred other accomplishments to her name, but there is one that remains of particular interest to me: what is arguably the most badass Mad Hatter appearance in the history of DC.

(Okay, so there's not really much competition, but still.)

It's a moment that's been talked about quite a few times on S_D, but I find it sadly unposted (perhaps a victim of the Great Purge?). So I present it here, in all its creepy glory.

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Secret Six #36 , we salute you!

Ok, it's the pink elephant in the room.

Let's talk about it.

The book closes out in style.

The team that never backs down.... and never wins.

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Secret Six #36 preview

Newsarama has the preview of the final Secret Six (EVER) issue.

(looks around to see if anyone posted this yet).

Dammit, I am going to MISS this.

Let this ONE preview page remind you of what you are missing. What will be GONE.

I need an Irish funeral for this. *off to the bar*

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Secret Six #32

Whoa. Talk about major shifts for characters. There are SO many things revealed about our merry band of renegades, that I do not know where to start.

Well, that's not true. I will begin with the the last page... the conundrum that started it all.

Mods, keep the tags as they are so that no surprises are spoiled.


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The Secret Six #32 preview

Foul things happen in Hell, and Ragdoll is in heaven at the unnatural delights.
Comic Book Resources has the preview.

2 behind the cut.

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Birds of Prey...As You've Never Seen Them Before!

Gail Simone's message board at CBR, You'll All Be Sorry, recently featured a whole new approach to the Birds of Prey. The ramifications of this will shock the DC Universe! Scans under the cut.
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Father..er.. Bane knows best

after [personal profile] 3goodtimes's Scandal and Bane adorableness, [personal profile] falseaesop wanted to see Bane's pre-date interview of Liana.

Three pages of delightful awkwardness under the cut from Suicide Squad Blackest Night

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Suggested Tags: char: bane, char: ragdoll/peter merkel jr., char: scandal savage, group: secret six, creator: gail simone, creator: john ostrander, creator: j. calafiore