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Sarah Essen isn't my favorite female character in the Batman mythos, but she is an interesting one. She's a good cop, loves Jim Gordon dearly, but has a problem with the whole "his best friend is a masked vigilante" thing.
Sarah's introduction in BATMAN: YEAR ONE is after the cut.

Think of her as a cop )
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Christopher Nolan is looking to avoid another bout of Magazine Rack Syndrome* by casting *two* Hollywood stars for female roles for DARK KNIGHT RISES. And some fans think one of those female roles is Sarah Essen.

* A meme I'm trying to start based on this dialog from The Simpsons.
Lisa: I'm a magazine rack!
Homer: Look, I'm the first to admit it; I don't write good parts for women.

Would Sarah Essen work in the Nolan-verse? Who should be cast? My theories and pages from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT ANNUAL #2 with Sarah Essen after the cut.

You aren't supposed to turn that on )
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Everyone likes the scene from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #125 where Batman tries to unmask himself to regain Gordon's trust and friendship. I thought I'd post two pages showing a little of how their relationship soured during No Man's Land. From BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND special, by "Back to the Future" screenwriter Bob Gale.

Broken spotlights and broken hearts. )


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