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Last time the GI Joes were big dumb soldiers who on the orders of a Senator who is very quick to suggest the destruction of her pet project, a flying nuclear power plant, destroyed Bumblebee after he saved a little kid. The Insecticon Bombshell was able to gang access to the plant, and a none too happy Superion showed up wanting to know what happened to his friend.

Also I love this cover, it's movie night at Shockwave's house! Get down Ravage!

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In reply from a request from [personal profile] werehawk , I've done some digging through my longboxes, the local library and the invaluable resources at tfwiki to produce this profile of one of more interesting humans to interact with the Transformers in many, many years...

The fact that she appears to be wearing nothing more than a layer of shredded tinfoil should not lead one to underestimate Josie Beller, better known as...

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I recently came across this story in old copies of Transformers Weekly I found in a longbox, and thought I'd share.

There's a G1 cartoon episode, "Autobot Spike", which deals with what happens when the mind of a wounded Spike Witwicky (the Autobots human sidekick) is placed inside a convenient robot body made out of spare Autobot parts whilst his body undergoes a life saving operation. Naturally, he goes stark staring mad, and runs amok, until he is eventually stopped and brought back to be restored to his old self... As disturbing Frankenstein body-horror stories go, it's not a bad 22 minute toy-based cartoon.

This is NOT that story, though it does examine the question... "What CAN a race of 40 foot tall alien battle robots possibly do to help their squishy little human buddy stay safe?"

The cover offers a clue... (The story is written by Transformers legend Simon Furman, and the art is a very early example of Barry Kitson, another find of Marvel UK)

Well, it was this or they try to find a second hand Gundam going cheap )


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