My two favorite series growing...

were Young Justice and Generation X. And obviously with the PAD rule, YJ is a no-no but I'd like to share some of my favorite moments from Gen X early on in the run [Issues 1-20] as I've noticed there aren't a lot of posts in the tag for it. This series is also the reason I went from hating the character of Jubilee to loving her as a kid.

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The many fighting styles of Jonothon Starsmore

I was going to repost the scans of Chamber vs Omega Red from Generation X #11 since they were requested, but while I was trawling through the scans I decided to pad the post out some. Some, I present to you the combat stylings of Jonothon Starsmore. Not the world's greatest master tactician, but smart enough to realise that when you're a mutant with powers, there's no reason why that can't be combined with hittting-people-with-blunt-objects-fu.

Under the cut, a selection of scans from Generation X #11, #21, #61, Uncanny X-men Annual 2001, Icons: Chamber #3 and New Warriors #9.


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Continuing with the unofficial Generation X Week, I bring you images from #58, in which Everett is a bit of a fanboy and the New Warriors, She-Hulk, and Black Panther have brief cameos.


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Angelo Espinosa, Dragon Slayer

Lemme start this off with a bit ol' (removed as requested).

Okay, there. Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Once upon a time, the merry crew of Generation X ended up getting kidnapped by Fairies. While Jono and Everett end up wearing kilts and fighting the English some guys who's purpose I never really figured out, then helped Sean and Emma rescue some elves, most of our band of heroes were shanghaied by a pink skinned fairy to fix the Glamor Machine.

While Monet is zoning out, doing that thing she does, Angelo and Penance answer the door and finds this:

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