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I dislike dwelling on the negative things in life.  I'd rather revel in the good things we had, to celebrate them, even in their absence (which is when I usually realize I really like something).  That was the case with Avengers Academy.  I'd didn't realize I was hooked until It was too late.

So I'm going to do a retrospective posts.  This covers Avengers Academy #1 through #6 and includes their psuedo-Crossover with Thunderbolts (#147) and one appearance in the Ant Man-Wasp mini.  To be honest, Academy wasn't the best of series, but it had heart and an underlying theme which slowly revealed itself over it's run.  Mostly?  Thumbing its nose at mainstream comic conventions. That'll become more obvious later.

Let's get the ball rolling.

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Now that they've published 4 stories, I'll post another excerpt from the Marvel Holiday Special 2011, still featuring Kitty Pryde, but this time she's playing second fiddle to the Ever-Loving Blue Eyed Thing

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My last post for the theme had a Songbird panel from Avengers Forever. Which made me remember all the other nice ass shots in Avengers Forever. Of course, none are really gratuitous, but being Pacheco work, they're still very nice, even if the coloring drives me up the damn wall.

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