Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14 features Miles Morales interacting with Peter Parker's supporting cast of Aunt May, Gwen and MJ. Ultimate Cap is also in this comic.

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Spider-Men #2 wordless preview

ComicBookResources has the preview as the 616 Peter Parker meets Miles Morales. Things get predictable from here.

*Insert comic book trope here.*

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When Spider-men collide.

BleedingCool.com has
the major announcement as the Spider-men silhouettes are revealed.

Yeah, you could've seen this coming a mile away. "Miles" away.

Friendly neighborhood. )

"Friendly Neighborhood"

Here's a webcomic from "Let's Be Friends Again". Trigger warning: It alludes to the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

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Ultimate Spider-Man 04 - We've Seen This Scene Before

Not quite the same sucker-punch that it was in Ultimate Fallout, but here's three pages from Spider-Man's Funeral in Ultimate Fallout, from a different angle.

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