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 Ok, this has been touched on briefly before as 'grim-and-gritty' Transformers, which is odd considering that it's the original Marvel series, continuing past 80.  The art style evokes the character designs of that series, and the 80's cartoon. This week #85 came out, and this is the first page...

The times, they are a-changin' )
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So shall we review?

Combaticons (what's left of them) are working for/with North Korea.

The US President has declared any nation cooperating with Cybertronians will be labeled a terrorist faction.

A covert group of the US military, led by Commander Spike Witwicky, has been working with the Autobots to capture or disable any remaining Decepticons. Well, President or not, they're not just gonna sit around...

Two pages from Transformers 10 )


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