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A smidge more from Bloodspell (which is 194 pages, if you're wondering), where Zee joins the Justice League at the ripe old age of 17 (Dinah's about 22 or so, so if we're going by JLA: Year One's timescale, this is about three or so years since the team was formed, if you're interested).
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Has it been already a week since last time? Anyway, here's some more Heroes! comic strips for you all!
My very first attempt to Heroes-ify Booster Gold. Yeah, it was that bland...

Today I offer you not two, but three more episodes of Archers! and one Superbuddies! - which features my favorite beloved but sadly underrated couple of the whole DCU. And yes, they're both alive in here :P

Ollie will one day get his revenge, Sparta Meme, Sue's pregnant again and Teen Titans cameo after the jump! )
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After properly reading the first issue of Mr. T, I gotta say if Eric Wallace is taking "Karen Starr" where I think he's taking her (as in away from her Earth-Two Kryptonian origin), I think I'll just wait for Grant Morrison's Multiversity series or Robinson's Earth-2 JSA book to make up for whatever new travesty is in store for this character. It's enough to say I'll even take Power Girl 2.0 to this newer version if she doesn't turn out to be the Peege I love and care about.

As it stands, she's been presented as the billionaire CEO of Starrware (that much is still intact) who makes "white girl" comments, and is apparently Mr. T's occasional fuckbuddy. So far I ain't diggin' it.

While, we're on the subject of rebooted origins, here's a look at 1990s Peege back when she thought she was Atlantean.

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Truthfully, I think she would have had a more successful career as step instructor for telly. )
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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

TL;DR version: Amnesia and bad continuity have left Wonder Woman unsure of her abilities, so she asks the JLA to monitor her next 12 missions to make sure she's still fit for duty.

This issue, Elongated Man takes his turn playing peeping tom. Warning: Exceedingly cracktastic attempt at "feminist themes" below the cut...

(Wonder Woman #219, 1975. Selected panels from an 18-page story)
World of Enslaved Women! )
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I love love love pre-megalomadman, Superbuddies-era Max Lord and Sue Dibny together. Let me show you why!

I'd expect this sort of thing from your husband, but not from you! )

So there you have it, my never-gonna-happen fantasy OTP. Then DC hadda go ruin everything by making Max all Evil!Psycho!Villain!, and we won't even discuss what they did to Sue *shudder* But ah well, we'll always have Superbuddies!
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So some people were talking about old Max who I loved a lot. So I decided I'd post some scans mainly Max-centric from Formerly Known as the Justice League.

Around 20 pages from six issues )

Suggested Tags: char: booster gold/michael jon carter, char: blue beetle/ted kord, char: elongated man/ralph dibny, char: fire/beatriz da costa, char: mary marvel/mary batson, char: maxwell lord, char: sue dibny, creator: keith giffen, creator: kevin maguire, creator: j.m. dematteis, publisher: dc comics
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Filling a request from [personal profile] busterella.

This guy has the most perfect drop evar on The Batman.

When suddenly dun dun dun
something completely unexpected happens. )
As best I can tell this is not already on here. I think it was probably posted new before the Great Disaster on LJ; either that or it was left untagged to avoid spoilers. I'm going to tag it appropriately, though.
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First time poster, so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. :)

Spoilers for Blackest Night #1.

*Not exactly dial-up friendly. Enter at your own risk.


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