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More of the veil behind Tommy's invisible world is parted away, as Tommy comes closer to enlightenment.

Behold Leviathan.  )
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Since [personal profile] suzene recently gave us a brief look at what's happening in The Unwritten #12 (and despite the fact that since "unwritten" still describes, for the moment, one of my papers for this semester), I thought I'd do a post about what Mike Carey and Peter Gross have in store for us for next week and the two months after that.

ETA: The images should be displaying correctly now.

Three pretty covers and their solicits under the cut )

For all trade-waiters (and trade collectors!) out there, The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man (which collects issues 6-12) has been solicited for August 11. I'm looking forward to it very, very much. ♥

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We finished the last issue on a cliffhanger, so naturally it makes sense for us to pick up with the life story of Rudyard Kipling. Read more... )

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This is my first s_d 3.0 post, and I believe only my second s_d post overall, since I don't have regular access to a scanner. But, I've got a scanner now and I thought I'd share a little love for "The Unwritten".
2 and 1/3 pages from The Unwritten #8 )
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We join our hero in Geneva where, after a quick excerpt Frankenstein, we are introduced to a group of horror authors meeting up to discuss their trade in the castle that saw both the creation of that monster and of Tommy Taylor...

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Pull up a chair and have some scans from the second issue of The Unwritten, where things are starting to get a little more... inexplicable.


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