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Welcome back to my on-again, off-again series about bizarre patriotically themed superheroes that emerged in the wake of the Shield's debut. We previously covered the super-patriot from the future and a very patriotic ghost entity thing. But nothing, and I do mean nothing is quite as weird as the subject of this post.

Before I posted these scans on the origin scans_daily, almost nobody knew who Yankee Doodle Jones was or just how weird his origin was. But ever since that post, I've seen him mentioned on a number of sites, and those references almost never fail to wonder what the hell were his creators smoking. I admit, it makes me feel oddly... proud.

In any case, the following story originally appeared in Yankee Comics #1. Writer unknown, art by Lou Fine.

What do you get when you take three World War I veterans, a super-serum and Uncle Sam? (7 pages under the cut) )

Yankee Doodle Jones went on to appear in all subsequent issues of Yankee Comics (all four of them). Dandy appeared in a three-part text-story crossover where he met Yankee Comics' Yankee Boy and Johnny Rebel. And while their stories were reprinted a few times, they haven't been revived by anyone - at least as of this writing.

And, on an unrelated note - is anyone going to C2E2 this year? Since the convention is happening in my neck of the woods, I will be attending on Saturday. It would be nice to see at least some of the people behind the handles. I meant to ask about this weeks ago, but I kept forgetting...

Tune in next time to see a comic where just about everything is a product placement. I am not exaggerating.


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