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Not a lot of people were reading the FF's book back in 2002, or if they were, they weren't talking much about it. The entire line was just coming off the doldrums of the nineties, and while there were a few good solid superhero books coming out around then - like the underrated Nicienza run on Thunderbolts - it was a quiet time at Marvel.

Which is a shame, because in the middle of this dead zone, you get one of the single greatest moments for Dr. Doom ever.

five pages, after the cut )
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In the last issue of Fantastic Four, Reed and family seized the Wizard from A.I.M.'s new nation-state, and brought him into custody. Bentley 23, the clone of the Wizard, apparently wanted to see him. He approached him with a box containing his helmet, stating that the children of the Foundation thought it best for him to have a personal identifier. He's quite mad, you see.

The Wizard told Bentley to put it on himself.

What happens next )

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Here Marvel, here's my wallet. Take what you like and just keep producing the goods like this.

While issue #12 is a mixed affair, and the art is not to my liking, it does have some moments.

The Force is strong with this one.  )
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Outside of the drama and the high-handedness and bloodshed in the rest of the issue, two adorable genius children have lunch together. Enjoy.

All those smarts, but no poker face. )

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So if you saw the previous post with FF01 you'll know the new team isn't getting just one new member but two three plus the kids. I liked this idea but there was something that bugged me.

Previews of FF#02 behind the cut... )

First try at the new site, hope I got all the HTML right.
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The Final Issue of Fantastic Four should be a bigger talking point than the previous one, the Death Issue. That's because it's better, by virtue of being bloody amazing.

It's silent, bar a text bubble on the last page and sets out how the survivors of the Fantastic Four and their extended family deal with the loss of one of their own.

Some scenes also set up a very exciting future for the new title, including Valeria Richards'To Do List )

Yes, I think that that's even more exciting than Reed's threat level list.


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