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Let's check in with yet another of the future timelines Archie Comics is doing--the one where he marries Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats!

Previously: Valerie walked into the Memory Lane section of the forest while thinking of Archie, and wondering if she should pursue a relationship with him. In this timeline, the Archies band got some breaks so they went beyond a local band status. They kept running into the Pussycats, and Archie and Valerie started going steady. (In the background, Betty met and started dating Valerie's brother Trevor.)

Eventually, they eloped and got married, but the two bands' touring schedules meant the young couple wasn't getting much together time. Alex (the Pussycat's PR guy) put together a reality show where Archie and Valerie helped teach kids at music school. This was so successful that Mr. & Mrs. Andrews decided to go full-time.

Four pages from Archie #633. )

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And now Kevin Keller has his own ongoing!

This will probably be my last KK post for a while as by now you either like the character enough to follow the series or don't. So if anyone else wants to post future issues, you won't be stepping on my toes.

Four pages from Kevin Keller #1, "There's a First Time for Everything!"

Not precisely cute romance, but someday... )

In other news, Imageshack waited until I was over a hundred images past the limit to remind me that I did in fact have a limit. I'm probably going to spring for the Premium, but just in case, you'll want to go back to my earliest posts and grab any images you're keen on keeping. And while you're there, how about some hindsight comments?

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Time to look at Life With Archie #3.

Yeah, Mr. Lodge is still evil. This time, let's do some relatively heartwarming scenes.

Couples )

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creator: Andrew Pepoy
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publisher: Archie Comics
title: Life With Archie
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Sidekick City and Riverdale are neighboring cities, in fact they share the same downtown area, pizza restaurant, comic book store and dry cleaners.

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Below the cut are four pages from Veronica #202, which introduces the new gay character, Kevin Keller to Archie fans. If you saw the original preview a few months ago, you saw it was handled pretty tastefully. Veronica has a crush on Kevin. Kevin confides to Jughead he's gay. Jughead doesn't bat an eye but decides not to tell Veronica because he thinks it will be fun to watch her suffer. However as we see under the cut, some of the gang are starting to think that it's more there's more than a Cable/Deadpool bromance going on between Forsythe P. Jones and Kevin.

Poor Archie. He loses Ronni and Jughead in the same issue... )
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I am a long time lurker and have never posted before oh god, am I doing something wrong, please tell me. However, I have gotten over my longtime fear of ever posting here when realizing in horror that the good folks at s_d have not already posted something amounting to this. That is shocking, what is the world coming to.

Anyway, Archie Comics has announced they will have their first openly gay character debut on September 1st. He is quite hilariously the most 80s metrosexual thing I have seen in a long time.

For legality and possibly hilarity, the page in question. )

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Vol 2, No. 105, November 1996
5/30 pages. Mysterious brown stain not part of original comic.


Archie Andrews, kavorka man )

char: betty cooper, char: veronica lodge, publisher: archie
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Do you just happen to have a copy of ARCHIE# 1, from Winter 1942? If so, skim through it and see where Bob Montana established the three-sided hopeless romance that is still going on sixty-odd years later, driving both the characters and the readers to distraction.In suburban Riverdale, the pleasant all-American hometown, teenage Archie Andrews has a date with his semi-steady girlfriend Betty Cooper for the prom. Despite this, he is crushing mightily on Boston debutante Veronica Lodge. Archie writes her love letters of that embarassing adolescent fervor, which he tears up without ever sending. HowEVER... just being helpful, his pal Jughead sees one letter and thoughtfully mails it.

With a mixture of condescension and a jaded yearning for amusement, the spoiled young heiress actually goes to Riverdale, "slumming" amidst the proletariat. And this being the comics, Archie can't make a decision, tries to get both girls to the prom by manipulating Jughead into escorting Veronica while Archie tries to get Betty out of sight long enough.. well, you just know it's going to be a multiple car pile-up on an icy road. Archie will have both girls furious at him (by no means for the last time) and half the town ticked as well. Because, to save a few dollars for Veronica's corsage, Jughead went out to the cemetary and prepared a nice little spring of what he doesn't realize is poison ivy.

Here's where things get sort of mystic and fateful. Veronica remains in town for a few days to have the poison ivy treated and she decides to stay in Riverdale. She likes toying with the smitten Archie the way a cat teases a mouse. And yet.. there's some inexplicable attraction there, even fondness. Eventually, her parents move to Riverdale as well to keep an eye on her willful child. So the cycle is set in motion. Archie neglects Betty to pursue Veronica in vain. It's as endless and as unfathomable as Offisa Pup jailing Ignatz for beaning Krazy Kat with a brick, which she sees as true love.
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Lately, with all of the other Archie posts, the question was raised, "Was Archie always a Christian dickweed?".
The answer is NO, he's usually a secular dickweed.


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