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BATMAN #484 may have been the earliest example of how Bruce was suffering exhaustion even before Bane came to Gotham.

Bruce meets an old girlfriend )
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This is a longer than usual post as it's a three part story, and I'm never sure about posting three parters; do I do one chapter at a time and probably forget to go back and do at least one chapter... or do I post it all in one go and risk boring you all. Good news, I've gone for risking boring you rigid! :)

This also counts as another entry in my painfully sporadic "The Original Origin of the original non-original Robin" posts, detailing the introduction and career of Jason Todd 1.0!

This story is full of drama, exotic locations and Vicki Vale being more awesome than usual... )
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I've noticed a tendency in my recent posts that, when discussing the DCnU, my tone tended towards the whiny... This is not good, this is not why I read comics, and this is not why I come to s_d. So whilst acknowledging anyone else's perfectly valid right to rage, I've decided that I'm not going to do that (or at least cut back, I need SOME snark in my life after all).

So I'm going to dig through the long boxes and pull out old stories I enjoyed, and share them, because if we're not sharing the love, then it's not nearly as much fun.

First up....

Don Newton's Batman )
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Five months after the smash hit release of the Tim Burton film, a new Batman comic strip ran in newspapers from 1989 to 1991. Following the film in spirit but set in an entirely new continuity, the first storyline was written by Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, creator of Post-Crisis Jason Todd) and illustrated by the late, great Marshall Rogers (Batman: Strange Apparitions, which still looks stellar today).

I've fallen head over heels in love with this comic strip. Naturally, my love doesn't really kick in until Harvey Dent becomes a major supporting character in the next storyline, which may be one of the most original and interesting takes on the character I've seen anywhere, in any medium. I actually suspect that it influenced the creators of Batman: The Animated Series.

But even from the start, I love how Collins (and his successor, William Messner-Loebs) didn't try to simply regurgitate the old stories for newspapers, but came up with distinctly different characterizations, origins, and plots, while the stories themselves feel completely divorced from comics of any era. They're fun, suspenseful, moving, and occasionally, even a bit on the cracky side.

A rather different look at Gotham City behind the cut! )

Coming up next, the new creative team of Messner-Loebs, Infantino, and Nyberg bring us the Penguin, Batman's mysterious new British sidekick, and a refreshingly different take on Harvey Dent, D.A. (how do you like THOSE credentials, Rex Morgan?).
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Now it's getting real... strike a pose Batman!

So, it's been a fun ride hasn't it? From Dick meeting his new girlfriend, to becoming her tied up boytoy, to luring Bruce to share his fate, and finally Batman dealing with the horror of his new condition, but we're into the home stretch here...

Dating the Undead (finale) )
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Before I start this part of the posting, superb news! The first ever Gene Colan Batman collection has just been announced for next year.

Click here for details. HELL TO THE YES!

And to keep us going with the post... we start with an out context image... which actually doesn't improve much WITH context.

"Indeed Master Bruce, that's why Master Dick left in the first place isn't it?"

Dating the undead Pt4 )
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Earlier posts here and here dealt more with the delightfully kinky relationship between Dick and his revealed-to-be-a-vampire-paramour Dala, and her quite admirable fetish for tying him up and gagging him whilst he's in his Robin costume. Now we're moving more into the larger, more Bat-centric art, it's still pretty awesome though, and remains uncollected.

Dating the Undead Pt3 )
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If I said, "Name a comic released in 1986 where a superhero loses his job, reputation, home, friends, and family due to the machinations of his brilliant, scheming arch-enemy, who knows the hero's secret identity," you'd probably say Daredevil: Born Again.

But a mere one month before the first issue of DD:BA was released, DC published Batman Annual #10, featuring a story which completely matches the description above. Because they were published so close together, I can only assume this was a coincidence. Both stories reflect something dark in the mid-80's atmosphere that could cause Frank Miller and Doug Moench to write two different stories with very similar themes.

While DD:BA is one of my all-time favorite comics, Moench's is starting to work its way up my list of favorite Batman tales. There are a couple notable differences between the two. One is that Bruce doesn't get driven to a mental breakdown, although Hugo certainly got close in his previous attempt, published three years earlier.

In that respect, this also feels like a story that Grant Morrison had in mind when he created Dr. Hurt and wrote Batman: R.I.P., comparisons to which become even more explicit in the story itself...

This cut goes down to the bone )

Coming up next: Batman: Prey.
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Whilst my esteemed associate [personal profile] thehefner has been dealing with some Batman stories from the early 1980's detailing Batman's battles with Hugo Strange, he mentioned in passing a vampire subplot which ran through the stories at around the same time, and I recalled I'd posted them way back on S_D 1.0, but a lot of folks might never have seen them, so it seemed time to do something about that.

Now this is from an odd era in Bat publishing history. Batman and Detective comics had their own stories, but had underlying elements spanning both, so this story features elements from them both. As one had the smooth art of Don Newton, and the other had the less smooth, but deeply atmospheric, art of Gene Colan, the switch can be a little jarring at times, but bear with it.

Dating the undead Pt1 )
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Two-Face: Year One was a mess.

I don't know any other way to describe the most recent retelling of Harvey's origin, released to coincide with the release of The Dark Knight. The odds were against it from the start, as the main problem with retelling origins is that you've got to interest people in reading a story they already know, or at least think they know.

They may have read it multiple times in flashbacks and expositions, or maybe they just have one specific version they adhere to as the definitive version. For me, the definitive Harvey story is Eye of the Beholder, by Andrew Helfer and Chris Sprouce. For most others, it's The Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Either way, TF:YO was met with opposition and apathy before it was even released, and in the years since, it's shown no signs of being embraced by fans nor creators nor canon any more than Michael Green's recent Joker origin Lovers and Madmen (BUNNY!) managed to escape the shadow of Alan Moore's Killing Joke.

This isn't to say there shouldn't be new attempts at retelling origins. When it comes to Harvey, if they held steadfast to the classic Golden Age origin (or even the tweaked Bronze Age origin), we never would have gotten Eye of the Beholder in the first place. The question is always "What's this new take going to bring to the old story?"

To its credit, TF:YO had a couple novel and intriguing aspects to bring to the table. Unfortunately, for a slew of reasons, the final story was problematic to say the least. Maybe that's why it was seemingly ignored upon release, getting virtually no coverage from comic sites/blogs (I don't recall seeing a single review), or maybe the truth is more depressing than that: maybe people just didn't care.

But while I certainly cared, I also found myself alternately annoyed and bored, particularly by the poor pacing and awkward misuse of flashbacks. It read like a movie hacked apart and frankensteined together by a bad editor.

So in the interest of a cohesive story, I've decided to try something a bit different with this Two-Face Tuesday, and present the story edited into chronological order. Thus today, I offer you Two-Face, Year One: The Hefner's Cut!

A different look at a different look at Harvey Dent, behind the cut )
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Several people expressed interest in seeing a sample of the Elseworlds story "Citizen Wayne", set in the 30's, so:

As a bonus, here are a few Batman- or superhero-themed cartoons gleaned from different places.
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Batman: The Battle for the Cowl has come and gone, and lo, it was a total clusterfuck, as was widely expected.


There was one page in #3 that made me sit up. Made me laugh, made me cheer. I speak of the uncalled-for return of one of the greatest characters of the Bat-mythos.

Of which luminary do I speak? I SHALL TELL YOU.

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Welcome back to my series of posts on my favorite Bat-villain, the Mad Hatter. Previously, I posted scans from a story featuring "the other Mad Hatter", a mustachioed maniac who was retconned to be an impostor playing at being the macrocephalic menace we've come to know. But now, let's go back to the Golden Age to see the origin of the "real" Jervis Tetch. I was surprised to learn that this story not only introduced the Hatter, but also Bruce Wayne's long-time Lois Lane ripoff lady friend Vicki Vale as well.


11 more scans behind the cut (and no worries, the book was 40 pages long.) )

Coming soon, the modern incarnation of the Mad Hatter - same Hat-time, same Hat-channel!


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