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Red Skull #1

"It's super-dark. You have to imagine someone like Red Skull, who is such an evil force, is so manipulative, and I've always been a believer that once you start to look for the darkness you realize it was all around you all the time. The story is very much a Heart of Darkness sort of story about how you keep going deeper and deeper into this thing and in the process of doing that, the journey to find the Red Skull, it starts to corrupt them. It starts to turn them as well. It gets kinda dark."

- Josh Williamson

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Killing Hitler!

Ah Hitler, if any historical personality has appeared in Superhero comics more I'll be surprised (although there was a brief time when Nixon appeared in a lot of stuff, such as an actual supervillain in Captain American around the time of Watergate). Naturally as the cause of so much evil, he's been the target of the wrath of many a superhero over the years, but due to him being a real person actual depictions of him getting killed for his crimes are relatively rare.

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O Captain! Our Captain! - Defenders of the Faith

Greetings, Mortals! Chocochuy is finally back!

After so many months fighting my OCD and whatever illnesses that ailed mine soul, I decided to restore my life back and to fight the good fight for Justice, Peace, Freedom, Love and Chocolate (as well as to pay Icon_UK some money he lent me). It has come to mine attention how saddening things have turned on the worlds of Comicbooks and, well, it is due time to get the magic back. Long enough have we seen heroes against themselves for the most bizarre motives as well as blood and gore ad nauseam, so why not bring back some good old fashioned fight between good and evil? Simple but excellent fun. Remember that time when Cap and the Red Skull fought for their souls at Hell? Well, comrades and dudettes, today you are in for a treat. Today Cap gets to duke it out with the Devil himself for the fate of the universe!

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Dudes in Distress - Honestly, pick a deathtrap already!

I wanted a classic Captain America/Bucky situation to include in this, given that the following are a mere sample of the covers that they include in their history (Warning - racist imagery and pre Comics Code violence on the covers)

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Bucky's Busy Christmas

From the Civil War one-shot, Winter Kills (10 pages of a 38 page book). I think this was posted on the old Scans Daily livejournal, but hasn't ever been put up here.

Bucky Barnes has things to do this Christmas... if only he could find the time for them.

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Communist Rhapsody

Здравствуйте, comrades! Commissar Chocochuy reporting for duty in the name of the Mother Russia!

Last week I had the chance to read the latest issue of Captain America and Bucky # 624. I highly reccomend it to everybody since it contains a fascinating story set during the years in which Bucky was the Winter Soldier as well as many romantic moments. Now I proudly present you some selected scenes (4 pages only since this is a recent issue) of the adventures of our two favorite ex-communist heroes. Enjoy, comrades!

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