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"You're trying to pin this on us?! Marville failed sales-wise because we couldn't accept your grand vision of world peace? We only wanted superheroes punching each other. Go to hell! Your comic didn't succeed because it started as a lame, unfunny parody of the comic book industry and then it was an inaccurate, moronic tale about God and the universe. It failed because it SUCKED!"- Linkara

Writer: Bill Jemas
Artist: Mark Bright
Inker: Paul Neary
Colorist: Transparency Digital

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"Among other things, this gave me the opportunity to finally read MARVILLE, which was prominently stocked. (MARVILLE was Bill Jemas' entry in Marvel's "cancellation sweepstakes" against the renumbered CAPTAIN MARVEL and whatever the other thing was, neither of which were in evidence, meaning either MARVILLE's getting some sort of distribution preference or the others are selling better.) I've read pissy reviews of MARVILLE, so I had some idea of what I was getting into, but I don't think reviewers have quite understood what a work of genius the book is. Certainly being that hamfisted and that obscure in a single story takes some sort of genius. I remember when Bill and Joe made their move at Marvel, and complained about the sort of story that you have to have inside information (like knowledge of Marvel's entire continuity history) to understand, and this certainly stands apart from that, but it's the exact same sin, a compendium of snipes and in-jokes really meant only for the cognoscenti, and pretty much guaranteed to baffle outsiders at the same time it drives home the nail that superhero comic books are really, really stupid. And this is from the guy who runs the company. (MARVILLE also became a topic of heat from retailers recently, when Marvel decided to run the second issue gratis on their website, rendering those non-returnable copies the retailers had ordered long before potentially unsalable, on the principle that you don't buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.)" - Steven Grant of Permanent Damage referencing the second issue


"I will be honest: I was lying slightly with that “he is not the first of anything” line. Apparently he is the first modern human. You know, in 100,000 BC. And everyone else walking around is a Neanderthal. But it’s cool, because Logan can breed with them and he is, in fact, the father of the entire human race. I guess that makes this prehistoric Canada. Let’s set aside the multiple holes in that logic for a little, and get on with the story, where our modern-day clan is feeling attracted to the Neanderthal village we’re now ending up in. Jack handily tells us that our modern DNA feels a “natural bond” with our less-evolved ancestors, which is why Al, Lucy, and Mickey (man it’s been a while since I typed those names out in full) are wanting to get it on with the prehistoric pretties. Thank goodness Jack is here to remind us that this is all completely true, though. I mean, how can you argue with this logic?"- Fletcher “Syrg” Arnett

Writer: Bill Jemas
Artist: Mark Bright
Inker: Paul Neary
Colorist: Transparency Digital

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